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Me and some friends are designing a 2D, Laser Engraved Catan board using balsa wood, we're stuck trying to find what designs to use for the resource tiles, any ideas?

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>Me and some friends are
You wouldn't say
>Me are
The correct form would be
>My friends and I are

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Googled for you. Otherwise, make it yourself in illustrator.

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>Me and some friends are designing
>we're stuck trying to find what designs

So... you guys didn't do anything?

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Thanks gramps

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But do you catan?

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>Thanks gramps

So are you implying that young people are proud of being ignorant, or that the language is evolving and "me bought a car" is acceptable now?

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I wouldn't say it's being prideful of their ignorance, they just don't care. It's indifference.

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I don't know what option is the worse one in that situation.
They deserve beatings.

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