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I'm looking for an outlet with a thermometer attached which turns on at X degrees celcius and turns off at Y degrees celcius, hopefully configurable in some way. (I need mine to turn on at 20 degrees and turn off at 30).
Living in the Netherlands, if that matters. Does anyone know where I could get such a thing, or the components needed to build one? (I've got some very basic Arduino knowledge so while I'd prefer an existing product, making something is also an option)

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you know most electric heaters come with a thermostat that you can dial in to a specific temperature

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Get a thermostatic switch and wire it yourself. There are many 220V switches available and you wire them between a plug and your (presumably) heater. Take note of the switch its maximum power draw, though.

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>(I need mine to turn on at 20 degrees and turn off at 30).
By the way, are you growing weed or something?

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No, it's to keep a terrarium at the correct temperature range for a rat snake.

I'm not well versed in this subject, are there any you'd recommend? I've got over a dozen tests of programming experience, but sadly not much knowledge of electrical stuff like this. My father is an electrician though, so if I know where to get started we'll probably be able to figure it out from there

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Using this to keep the terrarium warm. It works well, but sometimes makes it too warm. I could just plug it in and take it out myself, but where's the fun in that.
It's basically a dumb mat that becomes warm when plugged in, so not much it can do on its own.

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You can buy cheap PID controller on ebay. They usually come with k-type thermocouple + SCR.

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Use this

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Exactly what I was looking for!

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i would think things like that would have heat regulation built in, my aquarium heater does

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