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So, Halloween is coming and I want to make an eyeball mask, like "The Residents", what materials do I need and how I make it step by step?
It doesn't necessarily need to be the same quality of the original masks, at least some decent.
This will be the very first costume I ever made, so please be clear, thanks.

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HELLO! and welcome to /diy/
DIY means Do It Yourself.

Fuck off and DO IT YOURSELF!

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>Fuck off and DO IT YOURSELF!
All the flavors in the world were available, and you chose to be salty. >>>/trash/ and stay there.

OP, I recommend starting with an appropriately sized ball and adding papier-mache to it. After it dries, deflate the ball and remove it. Decorate, clearcoat, and remember you'll want some kind of view port. Good luck.

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I said I wanted step by step instructions, what the fuck is this shit?

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Oh the power of anonymity

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OP here.
Hi there, I know what DIY means and I'm gonna do it myself when you tell me how to do it.

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OP here.
Thanks for your help.

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Real OP here, I'm still waiting for someone to hold my hand and do everything for me!

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Paper Mache

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