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Would living in a large SUV or minivan be comfortable? I think it actually would, and rent could be nothing more than a $200 car payment. The only thing I'm curious about is how bad the summers would be, considering that I am in the south.

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It can be done

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>Would living in a large SUV or minivan be comfortable? I think it actually would,

comfortable compared to what, living in a wheelbarrow?

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entirely depends on your bidget location, environment, climate, eating habits, lifestyle, your schedule, your personal responsibilities, needs and habits

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I mean that I could set up a full bed, where I can fully stretch out, in the back, and I don't have many things. Mainly just my laptop, which I would be worried bout overheating in the summer.

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I lived in an SUV and later a cargo van, cargo van was a huge upgrade. depends on a few factors, like where you shower, access to food, the weather, how you cook, etc.

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get old (dually if possible) heavy duty pickup, take off bed and build cuckshed that just needs extension cord and garden hose to function after stored water is used up

Or you know they used to make actual camper toppers that were meant for camping, not just protecting your tools. Might find a truck with that used cheap

Old conversion vans are big enough to live in.

>how bad the summers would be
pretty shitty for the most part. you need to make an umbrella/awning type thing that lets you roll out a shading tarp to cover the whole thing in shade
Bagged ice is pretty cheap these days, especially if you are near those self serve things, you could cool the place with a couple of bags of ice

All in all, renting a room (not a whole house) would be easier and cheaper in the long run.
You can rent trailer park trailers too

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I sort of lived in a cargo van once. It's cramped, not very comfortable.

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>I sort of lived in a cargo van
down by the river?

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Jesus Christ dude it's gonna be hot as fuck. Haven't u ever gotten into vehicle in the summertime. You would either die from heat or burn 2 tanks of gas a day for AC.

How haven't you realized this. You must be an idiot.

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You could just move somewhere that's cooler, you know. You're not bound to one location if you live in a car.

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I'd consider living in a box van or lwb transit, but no chance in an suv.

You need to be able to stand up. Getting dressed, making food etc is so hard unless you can stand.

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Yes, I was repairing docks.

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I live in a camper in central Europe for a couple of years now. Even here it can get pretty damn hot in the summer - over 40°C inside is not unusual. Computers don't like that. South of US must be much worse.
Also minivans/SUVs are way too small, you just can't cram even the essential stuff there. To maintain some dignity you need at least a separate bathroom with toilet and shower so you don't have to use the bucket in your kitchen or run around the bushes with a shovel at night.
Don't be an animal, get a real camper or a motor-home.

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/out/ has ongoing threads about all aspects of van living. Check'em out.

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Meh, park in the shade.
t. lived in a black truck in CA for a year. Bretty comfy. Get one of those camp shower doodads to get yourself wet every once in a while

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