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Why does my wall stick out like that? It sounds like plasterboard when I tap it but I'm not sure. If anyone could shed any light on it I'd be greatly appreciative

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do you live in a multifamily unit?

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ground floor flat

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then that's probably a stud/plasterboard cover for a structural beam or floor isolation.

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ok thanks. my gf wants a heavy mirror puttingup on the wall. any advice on the best way to approach it?

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where is she trying to hang it in that pic

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Find studs. Attach mirror to studs.

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she isnt going to hang it she wants me to do it but im not all that experienced with diy and its a rental so i dont want to fuck it up too bad

yeah she borrowed her brothers drill and asked if id hang it. i pointed out ill need a stud finder and level so wont do it tonight but the truth is i had no idea why that part of the wall is even sticking out let alone what its made of or what the best technique for hanging it is. might just have to swallow my pride and call a handyman in. tell her im too busy with work or something.

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sounds like you're Yuro, so those will probably be steel studs. might be true even in the US if you're living in a newer apartment. just get an RE magnet from the Hardware store to find studs and a spirit level.

if the mirror is really that heavy, go for a track hanging system like pic related.


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You don't *really* need a finder. You can just tap the wall until you find a solid point.

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You can buy heavy duty anchor screws. I've hung heavy barn doors where the track only hit one stud with these really heavy duty anchor screws that were rated for like 100lbs or some shit. Put in 4 of them so technically good for 400lbs given that I had at least one stud that lined up with the pre drilled holes on the slider track

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Yeah UK. Id guess its about 15-20kg

Id be concerned ill end up with half a dozen holes in the wall.

Yeah she bought some shitty little screws and plastic fixings and I thought i'd need something heavy duty.

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>Yeah UK. Id guess its about 15-20kg

going by numbers, a couple sheet metal screws into the studs would get you there, but to be safe, go with a track system. even if you end up in nothing but drywall, it'll give you enough hold. they include some wide-toothed fasteners in the kits for drywall.

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