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Do you anons have any go-to sites for parts for tools? I made the mistake of lending a saw to a neighbor and the dumb fuck lost the blade clamp.

I don't need it since I have a newer Mil recip, but it would be a shame to chuck a perfectly usable tool for want of such a tiny part.

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this site has been good for me in the past.
Ignore the dumbass with the review.

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+1 on ereplacement parts.

It’s not mismatched Chinese crap either, I originally found that site when Abu Garcia’s customer service sent me there to find fishing reel parts so it will be much closer to OE than random Ebay shit.

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Thanks. Looks like the part I need https://www.ereplacementparts.com/clamp-p-42185.html is discontinued. Oh, well. No good deed.

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Well, time to mount a dildo to it

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