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I like to shower a lot and consequentially my sewer bill is high since the sewer bill is a function of water usage. I have a few questions

1. Do they meter the sewer based on an actual amount of water leaving the dwelling or do they just correlate it with the water being used?

2. Could I capture this water myself and dispose of it under my own terms thereby evading the sewer bill

3. Is this legal?


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Sewer water is not metered. Only potable water going into your house. Sewer charges are usually just a flat charge you get just for being hooked up to the sewer.

t. plomer

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>do they meter the sewer based on an actual amount of water leaving the dwelling

maybe for the neighborhood but not for each house unless you live some places in san fran where techfags are discussing things like this.

>2. Could I capture this water myself and dispose of it under my own terms thereby evading the sewer bill

you're paying a system charge for minimum, and if your monthly amount is variable, then yes, they're charging based on water input, not on a metered output. I know Boston does this.

>3. Is this legal?

Generally i'm gonna say "no," because grey water is typically regulated in any city anal enough to bill variable sewer in the first place. any authorized disposal is gonna cost you more.

that being said, some cities offer Sewer abatement programs if you can prove that some of the water is going elsewhere. you need to call your utility provider and figure out what this is going to require.

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>you need to call your utility provider and figure out what this is going to require
checked, but you're placing an extraordinary amount of societal credence in "Hector"
sewer bill is high because amount of sewage discharge is at small stadium levels because diet is spicy and occupants exceed permissible levels because "Hector"

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>corrosive taco poos destroying city lines

post a bill, OP. how bad is it exactly

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they measure the amount of potable water you use not what comes out at the sewer. if you have to shower a lot get yourself a 2.5 gallon bucket and fill it with water and then basically use that to soap up and wash and only turn on your shower to rinse off after you're already soaped up. that way you get clean and you can still enjoy the relaxation of a few minutes of rinsing off in the shower.

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where is your hair, faggot

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No water meter means you're on a flat rate. No meter means fill a swimming pool and not pay the 750$ when they ask it was rain water pinche flakos
The plumber

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put a magnet on the water meter 15 days a month

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you're an idiot

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In my area the collection isn’t metered, they charge based on how much water you used. My neighbor just had a pool installed and the pool company left him a letter for utilities saying how many gallons the pool was so he doesn’t get charged disposal for all that water.

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Very few areas measure sewage. Most measure water and use that to bill sewage. Your best bet is to collect rainwater and shower using that or put a magnet on your water meter. fuck the city, they charge you a shit load of property tax then charge you even more for basic services? all so the tax money can pay for some spic to get cheap housing and put their 20 kids to school...FUCK EM

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>pinche flakos


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This. Be sure to grab the biggest one you can buy.

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how does this work?

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won't the water dept notice that you aren't using water? Mine gives me a call when my usage is higher than normal. Once they called for low usage too.

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How do magnets work????

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look at this shit

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that's cheap.
around here you could use no water and pay 100 dollars.

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I could never live in town. The idea of paying for shitty, chemical-laden water annoys me just contemplating it.

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>Cold water
>Hot water

Uh, what?

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This confuses the fuck out of home owners.
In commie blocks you have hot water and cold water from city.

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he lives in some shitty nigger flat where the jewish guy who owns the place distributes hot water to the entire building and bills separately.

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I'm happy to never have known this.

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>sewer fee
>sewer capacity fee
>hot water fee
Had no idea these were actual things. I had a genuine chuckle, the kind of laugh one has when delighted by learning a strange and interesting new fact.
I would have gone my whole life not knowing that sewer and hot water bills were a thing if it weren't for this thread. I've never lived close enough to a city core to even have a sewer connection, and never will.

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Ouch, my water and gas bill is generally around $60 total, and I have a tendency to stand in the shower until the hot water runs out. Living on the shores of Lake Superior has some real advantages besides living on the shore of Lake Superior.

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Then how do you interweb?

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Amateure, get on my level.

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You can reflow it and filtered to shower again with the same water. Filters of particles and uv lights can make it work.

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that would have came out to like 8 dollars or less where i live.

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also why did you need to use 450 gallons of water a day for the first month.

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Filling his pool

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It's Atlanta. Probably was watering a large lawn every day.

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>44,000 Gallons a month
>12,000 Gallons the previous month

what the fuck are doing anon, running a chem lab out of your garage

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>The interweb is in the pipes

fiber really is fucking everywhere now, anon.

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> Get on your level
Nigga it's 2018.

Not your bill. If I had to guess this is for a car wash. A small time car wash in a small city.

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>1. Do they meter the sewer based on an actual amount of water leaving the dwelling or do they just correlate it with the water being used?
Try to visualize the metering device with all the diarrhea coming through it.

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Do they call you when you dont shit for 3 days? Maybe something happened. You never know, might save someone's life.

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The best thing about fiber is that you can run it in shitter pipes. No need no dig trenches

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They do grey water recycling for the shitter. Used shower water to flush shitter, not the other way around.

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basically, you eventually go to jail

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This situation is why sometimes someone with a pool will get a company to come and fill it from a tanker truck, like a gas tanker but with water. Apparently (depending on factors) it is cheaper than city water at high rates.

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Look at the per CCF rate.

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Internet is more widespread than sewer connections, simple as that.

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Where my dad lives, if you don't use a certain amount of water per month, they will just charge you a nominal fee for being connected to the system at all. It's something like $15.

And as others have said, in most places, water in = water out.

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Americans : we hate taxes, no more taxes
Also Americans : we have sewer fees, garbage fees, hot water fees, cold water fees, 911 fees, fire fighting fees and more. totally not the same thing as taxes

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These things cost money, you know? Not sure what are you trying to say here.

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where do you live. I'm in Pittsburgh. my water and sewage is like 35-40 a month.

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OP, storing your gray water or disposing it will only help if you use it to replace city water usage for nonpotable things like watering the yard.

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My plan was to dump it in the streets.

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Nobody wants to buy your herpes infected water here, Delphine. /diy/ is a boomer board.

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Audible kek. /diy/ is definitely the most boomer board on 4chan though

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>be american
>pay for a sewer
you cant make this shit up

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You clearly don't utilize the services of Comfort Systems. Those fags can suck deer cock.

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Where does the sewer water go?

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>Billing for water

Here in Scotland it's free

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You mean
> here in Scotland it's paid for by the English.
Whens your indyref2 coming? Cant wait for you parasite fucks to get gone.

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I'm willing to bet you pay for it too. It's just wrapped up in some other bill.

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don't 'no se' me hector. sacar la basura del legalmente

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Unlike India, we have a system to remove our waste water and sewage from our homes and process it before returning it into nature.
This requires money to function.

We can't just shit on designated street and pipe our drains out to the river.
>Except San Francisco, there people do shit on the street and sidewalks

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Why are SanFran techfags discussing that? Do I really want to ask, or will it be more gumball-stupid libertarian shit that will make me want to put my head on my desk

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To be fair, it's not the people actually living in SF that do this. Its the people living on the streets of SF that do this. There is a big difference between the population of a city and the homeless population of a city. You can't be homeless in a small town. Either some redneck will decide its bonfire season or the local cops will beat the shit out of you and give you a bus ticket to the nearest city.

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