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I wonder if this was observed by other people that myself (likely related to the Mandela effect)...

It's like this:
Devices randomly lose significant battery power
Charging batteries suddendly is so slow it takes days instead of hours
Full battery but electronic behaves like low on power

I posting this because it's not just one "faulty" device, it's all in my possesion. I feel like something like "three days of darkness" prophecies might very well come true, and electricity stops working, just like that. Don't say it's impossible or physic laws, because I already witnessed the impossible so many times it's almost a running gag if it wouldn't fuck reality all the time.

Again, just asking for witnesses...

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Tell your doctor that he needs to increase your schizophrenia medication again anon.

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Literally this. So many schizos run rampant on this website and the isolation+anonymity only provokes it

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How can you post while being foolish, blind and asleep at the same time? To Quote the bible:
>he will come like a thief in the night
Prophecies are being fulfilled left and right, miracles happen, glaring signs and the antichrists long since revealed themselves... Yet you don't see anything out of order? Boy, once everyone sees the Lord coming in the clouds it will hit you HARD unlike us that got eased in bit by bit, Mandela effect by Mandela effect...woe, anon.

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Parasitic draw. Could be intermittent closed contacts. Perform a draw test between the ground of the battery and device

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Use a tripcode! That way people know you’re not a schizo, just stupid.

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>handheld devices nowdays have computing power comparable to gaming PCs 10 years ago, while battery capacity has only doubled on average
>phones have several radio transniggers constantly on
>"Wtf it must be mengele effect"
fucking Idiot Op

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This is because of spam and malware. They have been jacking that shit up to infinity so they can scrape all your data. Spend a few days and go into your device settings and turn off everything that allows background processing, remove permissions to your camera, microphone, and files, and definitely remove mainstream shit like Facebook, Instagram, Google shit, turn off GPS, turn off bluetooth, turn off NFC, turn off wireless charging, turn off basically anything you can find until it will only make a phonecall. Now, sit back and enjoy your battery because it will last fucking forrrever without all that big brother shit trying to sell your fucking DNA to communists so they can profit off your childrens cereal choices.

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