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I want to make one of these. Anybody here familiar with stained glass. Where do I start??

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go any craft shop its a kids kit

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Lol, really? The guy was charging $250 for this

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Honestly...... you can go any craft an do a better job , he is a crafter kek

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The glass place wants $250 to make one 1' diameter. I told them I just want it to look like a this it doesn't have to be exact and they can use different colors. So for another $250 I can just buy my own stained glass starter kit. So fuck it I guess my new hobby will be stained glass

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Got the same meme as this scam .. .. Go Kid Kits an Then Look Can U do That .. BRILL WORK ??

If no dont buy all the shit an crafty stuff .. an then u shit .. :^(

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Have done a decent amount myself and mother worked at a shop.
You can take a class, but the only benefit there is milfs and use of their grinders.

If you design your piece around it and are good at scoring, you can do quite a few projects without a dedicated grinder, even skimping by with emmery boards and dremel barrels..Eventually you will want a wet rotary grinder though. Masking tape is your friend.

Square jaw pliers with tape will do for most clamps/breakers. Don't cheap on cutting tools though, and keep them clean and undropped.

If you know how to solder you are ahead of the game.
Large pieces will require reinforcement.
Dont rush foiling and dont over or under flux.
Allow time to disippate heat during long soldering jobs or run the risk of cracking glass.

Some people tape their fingers, I never saw the need. Eye pro is a prudent choice though.

All in all you could get kitted and do a few pieces for the asking price of that face.
Good glass isn't cheap, but it is not prohibitively expensive either, and you learn to use the dichroic and other pricey styles for focal points.
You can always use paint and/or marker as well.

Check into mosiacs also, cheap way to use your scrap and recoup some cost.

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OP has spinal meningitis.

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I was at Woolworths when they filmed mannequin

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That look's like a coosauve.

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> Coosauve

I've never heard that word before kinda sound like it should be used like, "Who is that dirty coosauve?"

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I love pure guava

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I turned myself into an ornament morty! I’m ornament rick!

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Some people are just too talented to be recognized by mainstream music.

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piss up a rope

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hail boognish

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that's the ween symbol....

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It's a new word. Feel free to spread it and take credit for it.

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Wow that's very interesting. I wonder where new words come from??

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It's the boognish you yard.

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What is this supposed to be, Japanese cowboy?

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A blizzard in Georgia

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