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Im in the UK an looking to build underground bunker when bextshit goes wrong ,
I rang up council an said I can dig hole in back garden however big but not have anything 1ft high , or I need planning permission have good neighbours an have 170 ft long back garden , I will be hiring a mini excavator this sat sun , got a brickie m8 coming tomorrow to give estimate on concrete walling , looking at living space an storage for supplies , I did get into it with the wife who said why not get containers an bury them , whats your thoughts on this ?

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Keep plenty of weapons in there

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Use containers lots of folk in Devon are getting these installed from the foreign hordes

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Containers are not made for bunkers. Containers are designed to hold load from below and to be stacked on top of each other. It's basically a strong frame with a strong floor. the walls and the ceiling are just there for keeping the rain out. If you want to do this you'll need to dig a massive hole in the ground then dump your container in it then build a reinforced concrete shield around it so it doesn't get crushed by the dirt you're going to dump on top of it.
My advices:
>don't use containers as they are too weak
>if you really want a bunker in your backyard, just dig a hole and make one out of concrete, the container is basically useless
>you don't need a bunker. The UK is too insignificant for anybody to give two craps about Brexit.

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>you don't need a bunker. The UK is too insignificant for anybody to give two craps about Brexit.

Theres a Huge English Civil War a Coming mutt ,
I Appreciate the container advice , I knew a concrete bunker was safer , women eh ?
their are quite a few container prep storage firms making them out as the best option , Never liked them , need the underground concrete Safe Room bunker . thanks for the advice

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Dont go with solar panels , its all fake .

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Why does every mouth breathing retard go for shipping containers

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I'm Japanese thank you very much.
And no, there's not a civil war coming, get yourself together. You gaijin always overestimate the effect of politics on your daily lives. Literally nothing but extra paperwork and perhaps more expensive imported goods await you. Those who say otherwise are doomsday prophets who spew nothing but nonsense.
It's gonna be OK anon. But if you really want to build a bunker, go ahead. I think it's a really fun project. If I had the time (and a garden) I'd probably build one myself.

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Confirmed for that stupid weeb who absolutely does nothing himself and always calls people “gaijin”. Definitely lives in an apartment

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DIRTY FILTH . NO HAD VET RELATIVES as worse than me , Granddad Bill RSM , BURMA Railway , an Tortoured EVIL , But his men carrying on .. anyway you dont need to know Bill .. brill life in Blighty , after that .. !! JUST WANTED JAPAN COMPLETE NUKED
KILL THAT SCUM WAR CRIMINAL ... grandkids the lot all told it was NOTHING IN HISTORY !! JAPS WERE SCUM -FACT .. THAT SHAME !!! But its not taught an Japs ..

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I shouldnt be we got guns an loads of ammo , so when it

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dreadful bait, nothing in this post is nearly british

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are you a sand nigger or paki ?? cos niggers need shoot kill white give warning

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We Got Ilgalls running around my propety , an NONONON o fb .. alll oven Farm , shoot to Kill they illegal

we can get fined if they claim here if we wing an scare them ..

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Imagine being a weak jap that's never fought for anything and accepts shit living conditions in a tube.

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Respect , ~Thanks .. I wont post ..

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Yeah, nothing ranged though.

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You are a complete idiot as is your wife. Really taking advice from a women is laughable. Needing a bunker for brexit is laughable. I assume your actually planning to grow weed in it or some other equally retarded idea. In any circumstance you don't need a bunker. If you were bring serious which I can only assume you are not then burying a container is a terrible idea for a bunker.

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yeah WW1 /WW2 Hang Gun, Machine guns
But all Given over .Fact But Hunting 303 Rifle snipers , shotties we all ok

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Nipponjin here has it right, nothing will happen one way or another.

Do you want to know the real SHTF?
When whites make up less than 30% population in Europe and America.

Shitskin enablers will had their heads smashed open while their wives are raped to death lmao.

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Respect an Thank You ...

TC. x

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O M G racist much?

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Why do you shit in your own backyard Anon

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>English civil war
That would require a whole lot of bongs growing their balls back simultaneously, which ain't gonna happen. Your country is so cucked it defies belief.
>ib4 b b but ur fat
Besides, what good is a fucking bunker going to do you anyway? The muzzie hordes got nukes all of a sudden? Your money would be better invested in basic tooling and learning how to fabricate weapons since you gave all yours away without a fight.

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Based bastardised european.

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Based. Those fucking japs imprisoned my family too, the least they could have done was throw a third one on it for good measure. The Dutch got shot at with Jap weapons by the "Indonesians" because the fuckers gave everything away days before capitulation.

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At least we die with honour, not gassed in concentration camps by german scum.

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Learn to speak éigo, you stupid gaijin. I speak english better than you do and it's not even my second language.

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At least my country isn't invaded by niggers, muslims and latinos alike.
Plus our women are the prettiest, everyone knows this.
And we make the most amount of cars.
And our food is amazing.
And our wages are far better.
And we have free healthcare.

The list goes on really. Plus when you're not poor you just get a car and skip the packed trains.

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The Jap is right, containers are shit when it comes to creating an underground bunker.
A better solution is to use large concrete tubes; they're prefabricated, cheap, and are actually meant to be put underground. Better yet, they're modular, so you can actually adjust the width and size of your bunker to a much higher degree than what you could do with containers.

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Tube guy here.
Another thing to keep in mind is that concrete helps a lot more against radiation than metal does. The only thing to keep a close eye on (if you intend to use it as a long-term SHTF-style bunker) is that concrete absorbs oxygen like a sponge. In other words, make sure you've coated the walls in latex paint, or some other kind of coating which keeps the concrete from interacting with the oxygen, also make sure that it's ventilated it properly and have more O2 in storage than you need, just in case.

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The truth can't be racist. It is tragic that people like you can vote. What do you think the end result will be if you invite millions of violent people into your country? Do they magically become less violent when they step within the bounds of white countries?

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You're a fuckin' whipped, retarded bangers and mash eatin', blood sausage snortin', english britbongin' cuck who doesn't even have a BLADE longer than 8". Get the fuck out of my DIY board and send your wife back over to my place for round 2 this weekend. FUCK you pussiwhipped, no gun having, donor eatin kebab freaks just don't know when to quit it and realize you ARE the WEAKEST LINK....GOODBYE...
t. American

Give me your gun
you better not be thinking bad thoughts
ol mickie with his baton gonna take you down to scotland yard to have tea with your faggy inmates

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This guy gets it .

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literally the gayest shit I've ever seen

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do one container fag

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Thanks for some replies had a estimate for bunker looking at 5k , Concrete footing subase another 2k , sewer connections 1500 k to utitlities , council bod turned up sniffing about ,after taking most of back garden down 20ft, he was happy as long as no surface build .

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Why would they be more expensive if we're outside of the EU which sets our tarrifs to be stupidly high?

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I live in the Centre of London , we are like a enclave my bunker will be our hidden safe place ,will have cellar passage an no access in garden , 5 Rooms will have bunks, kitchen ,shower/toilet and storage , living space. Have fire arms licence and have a few rifles and ammo .What got me on to this was a few guys at work were telling me the blacks thugs were robbing an smashing homes and Cops dont attend /overstretched in Maggies days this would not be a Issue , Ive done clay shoots an if I catch them in my house will end these feral dirty rats . Sorry if off topic but one has to defend your Castle and Family

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>I've done clay shoots.

I'm trembling in my boots. Come back when you start winning some practical shotgun matches.

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>he doesn't understand how economics work
>he doesn't know the UK imports over 50% of all goods from the EU
>he doesn't know the EU is going to end the free trade agreement, which means taxes on EU goods
>he doesn't know Brexit is an economic mistake

phew lad, how stupid are you?

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You almost got me there, but no one has that poor a grasp on economics. Played your hand too strongly.

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>play a hand too strongly

That's called total annihilation. The Americans didn't need to bomb the shit out of us back in 45, we had already lost the war. They still did it. Twice.

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Nope; a simple tarrif and tax adjustment and leaving the EU allows for massive economic growth. Add in the fact that we're talking about core issues of sovereignty and democracy and the continuation of the UK as an entity as opposed to being a collection of EU regions and it's a no brainer.

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There was no sign of any real attempt of surrender and the current casualty projections of an invasion of the Japanese mainland made the Western European theatre look like a picnic; furthermore Japan was still fighting in Burma, China, Manchuria and plenty of other regions. Add in the Soviets itching to get their hands on more clay and the nukes were probably the best things to have happened to Japan. Two cities and a few hundred thousand extra and Japan was essentially saved as a polity.

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Not this thing again. A container can NOT support weight on the roof. If you put dirt on it, it will become deathly as it could collapse anytime. The walls have those structural piallars on the corners and sides, onto which the containers are stacked, thats why it holds, but the actual roof cant support weight

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I would still get you in the wild , but in the citties a few 12 bore dont need over -kill blacks not worth it .
Both of you are Correct , but both from the brainwashed eco 80s Unis who Dare Not Risk Rule , we leave either way now , EU will still sell to us if no deal , we can then demand better bargaining .
In the 70s I remember it was all about us not out competing each other and we had to be one RULE , well Great Brit Did , but every nation has Ruined that Notion by cheating an stealing the EU fund, Germany an UK are the Last big Boys .. we going the rest will be third world nations fast HAHA ,we in the 80s predicted the EU nations will steal an bust an Ireland did that , lol You guys dont understand Real Life being so newfags , not a flame just how shit is.

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Nope. Your theory lies on the false principle that the UK is important enough to negotiate with the EU. The EU is too big, as a matter of fact, it's the biggest economy in the world. You don't negotiate with the EU, you bow to its will. You are nothing to the EU. You are just another pawn on their game, a pawn they can afford to lose, and that they will not hesitate to crush under their boots if you threaten their development.

Sure Brexit is great if you want to rid your country of the sandniggers you imported en masse. But if you want economic prosperity, you're screwed. You should've killed the EU when it wasn't as big of a larva as it is now. God only knows what it will become when the french get tired of being told what to do by the germans and take control. God only knows what will happen when the Union becomes a superstate.
The EU dragon is sleeping, and Brexit is the best way to wake it up and doom literally everyone else. From us in Japan, to China, to the United States, everyone will be shitting their pants. The Europeans like to pretend they're weak bitches but only in hard times do they show their true potential.
Then, cities get levelled, millions die, and technology advances tenfold. I don't want to be alive on the birthday of the European Superstate.

True, but let me tell you something (as someone who studied the history of his own country for a long time). We were looking for an excuse to surrender, we got it with the bomb. We knew all was lost. Sure, we carried on fighting, but it was more for honour than anything else. We knew it was futile. We just could not admit our defeat to the millions of Japanese who had given their lives for this great country. We could not go to their families and tell them "well, we fucked up. Sorry."

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Japs deserved it an you still show no Compassion shame your grandaddy was an Evil child raper , killer an killing surrendered troops .

Fuck off you memeing now you not a jap , when in japan tokyo name in three sec the main shop districts ?

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The EU is a game of cheaters, certainly. but the tall of cheaters is stronger than the flea that is the united kingdom. We will all be crushed by the EU, unless it collapses from within. The potential for growth in the union is so immense it is almost illogical. I don't even understand why Europe isn't much richer than it is. It could easily produce twice as much wealth as it currently does. Its economy is far from maxed out.

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Your english is so bad it makes me sick.
Your question is futile, providing you with the name of three shopping districts in Tokyo will not prove my japanese nationality. But if you really want to know they are Akihabara, Shibuya and Shinjuku. There are others of course, but these are the popular ones.

Also, there is no way I could've typed this in three seconds plus solve the captcha you absolute cretin.

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the real Evil Tojo speaks

The Fact is we Have had enough being the whipping boy cos we got the world out of the Dark Ages .. ok every nation those romans an we destroyed them .. we Became from rome OWN.... GREAT BRITIAN ..

The British Empire gave so much more look africa an india today any WHERE Even Oz /Murica ok


and on personal note I had hoped they had killed all you out like the 12 million jews

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Listen I applaud you trying it was just to show what a gaigin loving loli you are
Cops Reported an expext the Aleart an arrest , text work ready . soummat come up .

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whats the water / electricity supply lay cables deep post the genie spec ?

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Quads of truth

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Welp, digit gods here just proved the nip right.

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can anybody decipher this cause I'm having a pretty darn hard time reading it.

>implying the holocaust is real

lol yeah right only cucked westerners believe this shit

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Yes goyim, stay in our union.
Fill the migrant quota as we say.
Do what we say.
Have no self-determination.

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>Sure Brexit is great if you want to rid your country of the sandniggers you imported en masse. But if you want economic prosperity, you're screwed.
You cannot have economic prosperity in a country that is not white, korean, japanese or chinese.

It is best to be poor than to see your people go extinct.

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>I don't even understand why Europe isn't much richer than it is. It could easily produce twice as much wealth as it currently does. Its economy is far from maxed out.

Absolutely delusional. Race mixing will turn europe into brasil 2.0. This jap guy isn't taking into account race problems in first world countries.
If you import the third world, you become the third world.

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>12 million
Come on that's a little bit nazi... It was 30 million.

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Stop huffing glue Jack, maybe your brain will clear up enough you stop wasting all your mums money on soccer betting.

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kys, cucked faggot

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Implying the kitanai chigokujin are even human


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>if you import the third world, you become the third world

we're 98% ethnic japs here. The rest is mostly chinese and other asians. Black people are rarer than bonobos here. That's why we have literally no crime at all.

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>when bextshit goes wrong ,
Yeah, bury a container, you will be fine

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America is already a violent country, it's not going to make much of a difference.

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Because of niggers. It can get a lot worse you dumb cunt.

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Its a good idea, also think of making an escape tunnel if you can.

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boy, brits realy are uneducated

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>control plus eff


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>looking to build underground bunker when bextshit goes wrong
Yeah dude you entire island is covered in people. You aren't gonna survive outside that bunker. Better stock up on years worth of supplies

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Fucking diy shows

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Actually oil going up is good for me and my town. I live 2 miles from work and drive a big block. Sucks for everyone else but it aint all bad. Everyones not so fucking sad and struggling now

>> No.1684411

Dude. Calm the autistic rage.

Fucks sake

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Fuck. Now i gotta learn Japanese

>> No.1684415

Damn. Fuckin IMAX don't project this hard m8

>> No.1684416

He could be shooting .410?

>> No.1684417

Yeah but you fuckers dont give up easy. Yall did pretty good. When a country considers genocide over the entire planet instead of letting you win you're a force to be reckoned with.

Not now tho. Lack of disruptive new tech and resources kinda has you guys buy the balls lately

>> No.1684418

Dont tell them. Darwinism will get the retards and the trolls will get bored

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There was a tv on Bong tv about the tech nerds all going woodland prepping, giving up or burnt out, but they are looking at end days. None were using containers but log cabins, you need access to a water source on your land.

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I have seen Discovery shows where they do use containers the alaska bush family, ?

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