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My wife uses a secondary card linked to my bank account, and she can therefore see everything I buy if I don't buy it cash, and gets suspicious every time I draw out some money.
She hates me drinking RedBull but I'm addicted to the stuff. It's not even a money problem I'm pretty rich but she thinks it'll make me impotent or something idk.
I already have a fizzy drink machine, the stuff with a carbon dioxyde that makes sodas out of still drinks. I think if I can figure out the recipe for RedBull I can make my own without my wife knowing.
Anyone here ever tried something similar?
Thoughts and ideas?

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Pour piss and powdered caffeine into your fizzy machine, carbonate and chill for 2 hours.

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As always FPBP

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Kittos. Now if OP wanted to make ES, the secret ingredient is Love.

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You remind me of this guy I used to drink with. He was in his early 40s,
a part owner of a failing family bookstore near a university, and he would always use cash so his wife couldn't see how much he drank. Nevermind he'd be drunk as a skunk, "bringing home dinner" 3 hours late, and just a pathetic piece of shit.

Don't be that guy, OP. Just stop drinking your shitty surgary drinks.

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Ingredients: Caffeine, taurine, sucrose and glucose, B-group vitamins, and alpine spring water.

Seems like it should be pretty easy to figure out on your own really.

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Little Professor Book Store by the U of M Dearborn campus? I used to see one of the owners in Beirgarten all the time.

t. Alcoholic plumber

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Nah, not even close to the same area.

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>early 40s

>failing family bookstore
nah. I'm a financial analyst in a big bank, doing pretty good atm

>pathetic piece of shit
well it's either RedBull or Ritalin, but I don't want to go to prison

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I guess we now have found the stereotype about independent bookstore owners, at least.

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This. If you're going to drink unhealthy garbage behind her back, at least let it be alcohol.

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I made a promise to myself when I was 21 years old after I got so drunk I had to go to hospital. I promised to myself I would never drink alcohol again. So far so good.

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>21 yo
>can't take a drink

hi japanese person

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He could be a redman. They've never been able to handle their firewater.

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>I was 21 years old after I got so drunk
Hello Yankee Blue Jeans!
>Can die for his country at 18
>Cannot beer until 21

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redbull and stoli voddie is based

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actually >>1680918 is correct. I am Japanese.

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>Has to girl-up his vodka
>Can't drink it straight and chilled as Ukko intended

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Tell me, what's it like to grope a school girl on a train?

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no its good for the Es

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Get a guarana drink from your local Hispanic store and then add everything from >>1680909 that isn't in it already. Close enough. If you can't get the good Peruvian guarana soda go for the Brazilian version, Guarana Antarctica.

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Good idea

I don't take the train, I'm rich enough to have my own cars.
The train sucks, there's way too many people on it. Plus women have their own carriages, if they go in the normal ones it's probably because they want to get groped or something.

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I can however, tell you what it's like to grope a schoolgirl, since I did it back when I was a silly young man.
It's shit because you get hit in the face right afterwards.

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>Getting hit back
>A bad thing
It's like a two for one; copping some boob and then feeling the softness of her hand across your face.

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They make generic energy drink syrups for those machines. Alternatively, some of the gas stations have a knockoff Monster or Redbull fountain drink and you can get a 44oz cup with change you found under your seat.

Third option, and possibly the best- sell your body. Give handjobs to old fags for $25 and go buy yourself a couple of 4pks of Red Bull.

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>sell your body

I'm not broke. I can afford all the RedBull I want but then I get beheaded by my wife.
NB4 just be a man bro
Can't be bothered. I'd rather just have her shut up and do stuff behind her back. Plus I can't deal with her denying sex to me.

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does your wife carry around your nuts on her keychain?

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judging other people makes you exactly that faggot

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Yeah but dudes pay cash for blowies out back

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>Lemon Juice
>Lime Juice
>1 cut caffine pill - Truck stops or GNC
>3 - 4 cut Taurine pills - Whole Foods or GNC
>1 cut B-complex pill - pretty much anywhere
>tablespoon of Agave nectar
>add water
>Fizz it up

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>I already have a fizzy drink machine, the stuff with a carbon dioxyde that makes sodas out of still drinks.
They had a syrup or those that was redbull like. Alternatively, just buy aldi's store brand (red lightning) imitation.

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>and she can therefore see everything I buy if I don't buy it cash
Quit being 12. If you throw a case on with groceries, she will only see how much you spent, not what you bought. And if the bitch is telling you to bring home receipts, well, time to decide what is more important, carbonated caffenated piss or your wife. Although I suspect your mom has access to your bank account and you're not smart enough to hide your urine addiction from your mom, Timmy Watersports.

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switch to Rip-Its. They are a dollar and more caffeine

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You need to do the following:
>mixing of ingredients to create syrup (in a pot at 32°C, to 33°Brix)
>deaeration of the water (can be done with a soda machine, CO2 forces out oxygen from water at 1°C)
>mixing of water with the syrup (three times more water than syrup)
>carbonization (second filling of the soda machine with the actual drink)

You need CO2 to make it get absorbed faster in your body, also phosphoric acid to break down saccharose into simple sugars.

t. guy who works for Red Bull and Monster

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My nibba Fbomb for life.

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thanks man

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You should know before you read this that I'm not some woman hating incel tard. I love women and I love my wife. We've been together 10 years.

Your wife sounds really manipulative and controlling though anon.

She's right, Red Bull is bad for you and if I were in her shoes, I would be concerned for your health if you drank tons of it. I wouldn't monitor your day to day spending though, unless we were having financial issues, medical problems, or you had specifically told me you were addicted to something and wanted to stop.

You should never feel a need to keep any secrets from your spouse, she's supposed to be your friend not your mother, and you should never be afraid to put your foot down about your needs. This isn't a mistress, this isn't even alcohol...it's freakin Red Bull...

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I drank energy drinks everyday for years. I senses up getting really bad acid reflux, esophageal erosion, etc.

Doctor said it was from the energy drinks. I thought he was full of shit. Did research, he was right. Energy drinks are bad shit. Just drink coffee instead.

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its passion fruit flavor. alternately you could use starfruit (fairly sour but has a similar kind of taste but more bitter) if you could find it i think that was pulled from store shelves about 7 years ago . not for health reasons but because of international demand

passion fruit flavored juice may be hard to come by since snapple doesnt exist anymore again. at least not in most of the country

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watch black books

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Yeah...well...I'm trying to figure out a solution atm but it ain't easy. I'm not saying it's supposed to be easy though.

To our demons let us be faithful

Mhh imma try and see if I can find passion fruit juice.

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>Plus I can't deal with her denying sex to me.
That's exactly why you sell your body
>Get money for redbull
>get sex
Seems like a win/win to me

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based shitposter. kek

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just drink a shit ton of coffee and piss in your mouth. never break the cycle

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Where are you going to source the bull semen from? That's the real question.

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From his wife's bull.

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>Judging a man for being an absent father and husband because he wants to drink at bars with people nearly half his age instead of spend time with his family.
You'll eventually realize there becomes a point when it's okay to judge people.

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The nonjudgmentalism meme is dead. People think you're a shitty person whether they give voice to it or not.

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I fucking love red bulls fuck, it's the only energy drink that doesnt make me feel like jittery shit
One of my fav combos is beer and red bull.
I'm drunk rn off this shit

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I remember reading a study where they compared the physiological effects of energy drinks vs placebo energy drinks. Turns out the placebo ones have an effect not at all far off.
I have always wondered how they possibly pulled it off to make energy drinks without them actually being energy drinks, they're so distinct

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Probably some pussy study where they limited caffeine intake to what is "safe". ie next to no caffeine

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no you idiot that was the whole point
energy drink with cafeine, yds..
and then not energy with no energy boosting indgredients.. yet they boosted people's energy

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cuck. drink what you want and tell your woman to deal or piss off

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>he drinks alcohol
never gonna make it

At least I have a wife, you moron.

Taurine? IDK I'll probably buy it from a laboratory or something.

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>never gonna make it
Life is full of too many heartbreaks and headaches to go through it sober.

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All that cringey bullshit says is "I'm too weak to quit!" It's not even original, every alcoholic ever has said something like that. Pathetic.

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Caffeine powder in a can of normal pop

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Turns out my love of whiskey and depression meds dont work to well.

Just fyi for anyone here on the shit. And especially going off em while drinking. That and the fuckin tater juice made me lose my sanity for a week

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Kek. Is lizzard fuel still around

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Nobody said to be drunk all the time or dependent on the sauce. It's something to enjoy in moderation. Grow up, straight edge dork.

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"Don't go through life sober" pretty much means "Stay drunk as often as possible." Not sure how you'd read that any other way, unless you're making more pathetic excuses for being a drunk.

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>Not imbibing to celebrate and mourn.
Alcohol is nothing to be afraid of. Stop spreading your new age teetotalism.

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fuck the fact that started with solid advice made it hit me all the harder
quality post, king

>> No.1684782

So from ad hominem to a strawman...
You should know that the first step is to admit there's a problem.

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Kek, escalate it because if you fold, there will be a precedent of you bending to her will regarding your own money.

If you insist, just buy something expensive, return it and get your refund in cash, use this as a red bull slush fund. Or just buy in bulk when you're doing bulk groceries anyways and stash it somewhere, like at work or something.

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Kek, it's really hilarious. I like the episode where they write a children's book most

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this would hit way harder than redbull

>> No.1684893

Remove her from bank account. Boom problem solved

>> No.1684937

actually seems legit

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adding to OP's question
what if I want to make RB but without the caffeine and taurine shit
I just like the taste

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what a genius

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Smartest post in this thread. OP is a bitch, just drink coffee.

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You'll still be wanting Red Bull. It's not just the taste and sugar that makes you want it.

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it's caffeine and extra vitamins dipshit
just cause it's new doesn't mean you need to be scared
you've got along with your wife for somlong because you've cowed her with the fear of the Lord and your hand

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it's citric acid and sugar, unless you're talking about the yellow

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pabst and pb

>> No.1685747

It's amazing, such a good combo to pound a red bull with a few beers

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please Don drink pb blaster

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ALDI's red thunder tastes identical to red bull but is $3 for a four pack. You can also just buy caffeine pills and get hundreds of red bulls worth of caffeine for $5 with none of the calories.

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> My wife uses a secondary card linked to my bank account, and she can therefore see everything I buy if I don't buy it cash, and gets suspicious every time I draw out some money.

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This is what I've found;


Enjoy brother

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>Thoughts and ideas?
This is fucking terrible. What the fuck is wrong with the relationship in your marriage?

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I've been on instant mexican coffee for a month and it is absolute shit and does fuckall for adrenaline.

>> No.1687448

Antartica is pretty much the weakest guarana soda around

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OP is such a fucking faggot, holy shit.

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Sounds fucking hilarious from a retard addicted to an energy drink.

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These new crying onions pics are fucking hilarious

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You don't need any of this shit. If you do then you're dependent and it makes your focus and attention worse to feed it. Only valid in unusual cases like not getting due sleep. Otherwise your sleep cycle and healthy lifestyle should keep you in peak condition that adding this would destroy it.

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>Plus women have their own carriages, if they go in the normal ones it's probably because they want to get groped or something.
Is it so prevalent that this is necessary or is women (and maybe men) overblowing it in a kind of self-victimisation way?

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Don't be a bitch and put the foot down. You could lose your marriage if you become low energy and uninterested without them. Mental health is the one thing you can't concede.

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it's absolutely necessary, Japanese men are savages

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>My wife uses a secondary card linked to my bank account, and she can therefore see everything I buy if I don't buy it cash, and gets suspicious every time I draw out some money.

I thought cuck stuff was just a pol meme.

I don't even believe this is a larp. I might understand if you were addicted to gambling or hookers, but your wife wont allow you some energy drinks. I'm surprised she lets you post on here.

Grow up, accepting this type of behavior is what leads to marriage breakdown as you are seen as weak and pathetic.

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this guy again. ok i take it you cant get star fruit and dont think passion fruit is just right

ok im going to let you in on a secret. this will make it more costly than actually buying red bull. star fruit is in short supply and was pulled from global grocery stores. however if you buy sour patch kids or any sour gummy candy its coated in a powder. that powder is similar to star fruit. take that and mix it with white grape juice (if you can find it if not the purple stuff should work) and its similar. its not going to be exactly the same flavor but with carbonation it should be similar if you add enough of that sour powder stuff and water down the grape juice

i suggest looking around for sour powder and even going to youtube for diy making sour candy to find stuff to buy. pretty sure the flavor is star fruit and passion fruit for red bull

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does it matter which kind of piss?

>> No.1688201

>you're a cuck hurr durr

nah I just don't have time to deal with her bullshit. I have a job 70 hours a week, I don't have time to "be a man" and "show her who's the boss". Besides, if she wants to be the boss in the house i couldn't care less since I'm only there from 10 pm to 7 am every day except weekends.

Since I started this thread I actually deleted the buddy account and told her to leave me alone, because I realised it was simpler than trying to make my own RedBull. She got angry of course, said I don't take our family seriously and that I don't care about her, you know, typical womanly bullshit. But hey, it was totally worth it. Now I can buy as much RedBull as I want.

>> No.1688203

Good choice, my man. Let her complain to her boyfriend and leave you alone.

>> No.1688209

Okay, anybody have that pasta involving meatloaf, the wife wanting to go to her parent's, and the husband taking her out for a drive and having a little talk about things? OP needs it, and I don't have it.

>> No.1688215

First suggestion, is work on your relationship man you need to be the head of the house. But you want your sugar and can’t be bothered which I also understand. Why don’t you instead of trying to make it find ways to get cash back and funnel small amounts of money away to buy it?

>> No.1688402

You need bull piss mixed in with a little blood of course. Why do you think they call it red bull?

>> No.1688443

He should just buy meth then. It's all cash and he'll lose weight.

>> No.1688453

>I don't want to go to prison
at least you're be free of your wife

>> No.1688698

Lmao. You sound in love. Why are you even together?

>works 70 hours a week
>not allowed some energy drinks

>> No.1688749

>why are you together

because ten years ago we fell in love and got married.
Love dies, kid, and that's just the way it is. I can't leave her. Firstly, because I don't want to. She might be a pain but I still love her. Plus I have a nine year old daughter. I can't afford to divorce only to have her develop some stupid "depression" or whatever it's called then blaming it on me.

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>ALDI's red thunder tastes identical to red bull
I'm going to have to put one in the fridge and try this. Tastes like fresh vom when you drink it fresh off the shelf.

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Use Super Male Vitality instead. It works much better

>> No.1689063

>combo in one of the slowest boards
I bet you had an extra tendie to celebrate

>> No.1689064

He’s got the Red Bull, she’s got the black bull

>> No.1689088

Tell your wife to stop being a faggot, the sugar is what's bad for you, not the caffeine (less than coffee) or b vitamins. If you cut out the sugar she should have no right to bitch.

>> No.1689115

>doesn't drink his red bull wherever he wants
>has to find a hideout place

>> No.1689194

>Love dies, kid, and that's just the way it is. I can't leave her. Firstly, because I don't want to. She might be a pain but I still love her.

>yet she doesn't love you
You are the best kind of cuck and worst sort of man. Grow a fucking spine dunce, quitting letting some dumbass version of manhood duty make your life miserable

>> No.1689196

there's a lot of morally panicing luddite flyovers in this thread Anon.
You can't get past NEW THING BAD, SCIENCE BAD with them

>> No.1689224


>> No.1689226

Is this shit not easy to get for rich people? I literally got it by saying "I have ADD but id rather do this than meth" to a doc

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>happy wife, happy life

>Caffeine is bad, here's how I quit

I started with pre workout, got hooked, then moved on to the new "bang" energy drinks almost every day. I quit by moving on to coffee, then quitting coffee as well.

Starbucks makes these double shot and triple shot drinks that are just as powerful, if not more powerful than red bull. Work your way down, and you'll be free.

>> No.1689249

Or he could just quit, seeing as how caffeine is the absolute easiest addictive substance to quit on the face of the earth. That or just drink coffee, since it has as much caffeine as red bull, but it's cheaper.

>> No.1689259

Not necessarily true. "Red energy" was probably the number one selling eliquid flavour when e-cigarettes started taking off, and is also great as a sauce flavour on sundaes, syrup in slush drinks etc. For some people there's just something about that energy drink flavour. I'm one of those people, when I buy energy drinks I usually get the crazier fruity ones, but if I get chance to have red bull flavour in something that isn't caffeinated you know I'm having that.

>> No.1689266

Go to a grocery store.

Buy a visa gift card with your usual groceries, masking the purchase.

Use visa gift card to buy redbull.

>> No.1689448

I really wish it were that easy. Caffiene, to some people, is a necessity that they need to get going in the morning, or to keep them awake for a long night shift. It can be hard, not because it's addictive, but because it's useful.

>> No.1689468

>Ritalin, but I don't want to go to prison
See a psychiatrist to get a diagnoses for ADD/ADHD

>> No.1689695

Come out to her as gay, become single, drink red bull.

>> No.1689944

Few things actually make me laugh out loud.

>> No.1689957

Find the nearest long haired beach bum stinking of salt and sandalwood if you're trying to recreate this year's summer edition.

>> No.1690510


>> No.1691043

Carbonated Water, Sucrose, Glucose, Citric Acid, Taurine, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Caffeine, Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine HCI, Vitamin B12, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Colors

>> No.1693036

I'm proud of you anon.

>> No.1694627

I never thought I'd say this, but maybe you should listen to your wife.

Those drinks are poison.

>> No.1694630

>Caffiene, to some people, is a necessity that they need to get going in the morning

So drink fucking coffee.

>> No.1694639

Try wild tiger energy drink

>> No.1694759

Easier to hide cash withdraws than it is to make Red Bull from scratch... she sends you to the store to buy something... pay with card get 5-10 dollars cash back... unless your at a store with a rewards program where she can see the receipt then she just assumes you suck at bargain shopping.. alternatively if you have a gas station or something like that with a good rewards program then just use the rewards to buy red bull... tie this in with always filling up the tank on her car .. builds points faster and makes you look better because you don’t want her to have to do it.

>> No.1694941

Might as well start drinking JP-8 at that point

>> No.1694960

The answer is simple. Start trading switch games for redbulls from your wife's boyfriend.

>> No.1695116

based & redpilled

>> No.1696017

Bro just turn the can around

>> No.1696018

>Thoughts and ideas?
Your marriage sucks and you need to fix that.

>> No.1696020

>So far so good.
6 months sober ! congrats man !

>> No.1696022

Does anyone know what the flavoring in red bull is? Its got to be some commodity flavoring by now because aldi makes it and its also in an airheads sour candy. I would kill for more products that taste like red bull.

>> No.1696090

>im rich
>got my own nipponese cuckbox
How is it being stuck in traffic for eternity?
Or are you Osaka trash?

>> No.1696091

What a chad

>> No.1696140

There's a caffeine mix made by the soda stream guys that taste like it sorta.

>> No.1696144

Go to Hell Jim Norton.

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