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Any bio engineers here?
I am trying for find the perfect microbial cocktail for a portable poo bucket five gallon composter.
Any composting toilet tips welcome

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using sawdust is best then remove Mud to a built in mud collector with composter

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1. Poo
2. Shovel in some dirt
3. ????
4. Profit

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It really depends on what the end result will be used for...

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>end result will be used for...
I am looking to make a system for long term campers/ RVers where they can poop into the same bucket for months before emptying into a forest for fertilizer

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>emptying into a forest for fertilizer

That's dodgy. shitting in the woods is one thing, but dumping a black water tank is another.

But legality never stopped /diy/, so the answer is you don't really need to do much except find a way to heat it, give it some air-flow, and let it sit without fresh waste added for some time approaching a year. if you plan on pee being in there, you need to restructure your approach considerably.

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This unit for boats does not use heat and breaks the poo down much faster than that

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>does not use heat and breaks the poo down much faster than that

lol no it doesn't. even with the peat moss additions, you're still dumping straight backwater out of that thing. That's why you're supposed to either bin the output from that thing for batch processing, or you hand it over to public composting. you better not be dumping that thing straight into the environment.

I'm not pulling the year-long thing out of my ass, if you're not throwing lime into the toilet every time you take a shit, you're literally dumping a classified bio-hazard into the environment.

BC up in Canada publishes official guidelines for composting toilets, and batch processing for on-site discharge from composting toilets is a 2-year minimum. that 2-year minimum assumes

- the toilet is urine diverting
- you maintain proper temp
- you maintain proper moisture levels
- urine and effluent water discharge from solids tank is separated and disposed of as black-water, no exceptions.

read it for yourself - https://compostingtoiletsusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/BC-Government-Guidelines-on-Composting-Toilets.pdf

if you've watched tiny house retards on you-tube dumping straight from their shit bucket into the environment, they're creating a problem, and in many cases, are breaking the law.

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>BC up in Canada publishes official guidelines for composting toilets, a
I bet they post guidelines for wiping your ass too.
You guys need to shrink the size of your government anon holy fuck

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So, what's the actual hazard?

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human-borne pathogens, I'd expect.

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mostly >>1681788

but other pathogens as well. human poo is a great breeding ground for more nasties than most people know.

If urine isn't seperated, the mix can just turn straight toxic, to animals and plants.

dumped into the environment, where many pathogens otherwise wouldn't survive, the dumped poo provides a sort of protective incubator, where some of the really bad stuff - especially parasites - can stay infectious for a long time.

If any veggies happen to grow in your dumped shit over the next season, they can carry contamination over to someone eating said veggie otherwise unaware of the poo-dumping. E-coli is typical, but Hepatitis is depressingly common, even in restaurants.

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>you better not be dumping that thing straight into the environment.
lmao have you been to rural BC? You would be shocked.

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>If any veggies happen to grow in your dumped shit over the next season
But that would only happen if you dumped the poo in some vegetable garden anon.
Just dump it inna woods

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I know people do it

fuck them


still not worth it

you want to bury you campsite shit in a hole, fine, but don't dump out a 10 gallon bucket onto the forest floor.

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Who /post hole digger/ here ?

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>but don't dump out a 10 gallon bucket onto the forest floor
I think if its earthy and no longer smells or resembles shit then its fine to dump.

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huh i didnt know jenkem was toxic

but why does the government advise we bury the pathogens? wouldn't plants still get them through their roots?

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That sounds like it would stink to high heaven

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I throw ash on my waste after each shit, removes the smell, I empty the pot into composting bins, then bury it after a year

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Amazingly, it smells like earthy soil and not poop at all.
You just have to keep urine out of there and keep the microbes happy with plenty of oxygen and you are set

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How much ash? Is it less volume than if you used peat?

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>people actually pay to take a shit
I have an illegal (europe) latrine which is just a deep hole on the ground where I just shit, pour some sand inside and be done with it. When it gets full I'll just cover the hole and move the latrine to a new hole.

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But then you never get to make use of the compost.

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Is burying separated waste safe? Do parasites survive innaground?

For black water, what does treatment entail? (Boiling, chemical treatments, filtering?) Can it be done on someone’s remote acreage with hardware store-tier tooling?

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Yeah, how can a technically proficient Joe safely close the agricultural loop and recapture those minerals etc.?

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There is a book called Humanure, it has the answers you seek but know that the ef be i will put you on a

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Sewage lagoon is one way. I see people in big rural acreages put their shit in sewage lagoons pretty often.
Septic tank and drainage field is the other common method.

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Both of those methods turn human waste into toxic sludge.
Poo and pee kept separate make amazing fertilizer

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How can they be ok when separated but toxic if you join them?

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ammonia + bleach

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Why not out house? Why is everyone making it so complicated?

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Yep shit in a hole and sprinkle some ash on it. That is my grandparents toilet in England.

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Whats all this then?

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>Both of those methods turn human waste into toxic sludge.

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Once you mix urine and poop, things get ugly. Can you fix it?
Kind of.
Are you way better off keeping them seperated?
Yes, its much easier to deal with and much healthier for the environment over time.

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Right right!

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link does not work

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Wait, so peepee + poopoo is a deadly weapon? Why is this stuff not banned?

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The fellow asked about what to do with blackwater in rural areas. Asked and answered: Lagoons and septic tanks are two most common techniques used rurally.

You harp on about piss a lot. Shit is already chock full of pathogens. Piss isn't some unique essential key ingredient that unlocks its powers to turn it "toxic." The problem is moisture.

>Yes, its much easier to deal with
You could just use a lagoon or septic field like millions of rural people do now, practically maintenance free, or you can divert urine and manually carry buckets of shit to the compost heap.
I know what sounds easier to me.

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How is easier better?
Humanure is awesome compost and turns haz waste into an asset and does not foul water or land.
The components of urine that cause problems are urea and ammonia.
Urine is pretty innocuous when it first leaves your body but then it starts a slow cascade of chemical reactions that make it quite foul even when its not mixed with poo.

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>Why not out house?
Those get pretty rank and you never get to harvest the compost

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Just use a bucket

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ten gallons is rookie numbers, pretty sure we could pour alot more than that out there

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