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Can these joists be safely removed or replaced by another building solution?

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dont remove them. you could replace them but why? looks good and when the time has come its easy to hang yourself from those

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That is why I want to remove them. I don't want anyone to hang themselves.

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The force of gravity on the roof wants to push the walls out. These hold them together.
Learn to appreciate them.

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Flying buttress on the outside would work.

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True, but do the building permit people know to ok such a thing?

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It would be an unorthodox design by modern standards so you'd probably have to get a structural engineer to design it or ideally get one to stamp your drawings if you're competent enough to design it yourself.

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Why's there a fossilized toilet seat in the living room?

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That thing is huge. Conversation piece to show how fat your ex was

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Then just put in a ceiling. It's a shame, they're nice beams.

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id hang myself if i bought that scatter back corner group sofa

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Are they solid or do they have something more than a 1/2 inch plank box.
That pic looks like it could just be decorations.

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this. the only way to counteract this is to install a huge beam running across the ridge and it's far too late to do that. OP's photo looks like a stock photo anyway but it's very attractive.

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it looks like decorative boxes around actual ceiling joists. Those would be some aggressive ass scissor trusses otherwise.

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It is a house that I'm considering buying. Don't like the suicide joists.

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Why? I don't see a problem with the sofa.

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Thanks. Not a stock photo but a photo from a listing that I'm considering buying.

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Don't know - I'll find out when I view the house. Thanks.

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Why not remove the fan light (or replace with a dome one) and put in a floor to make a little storage area up top?

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It is an option. I would prefer a high ceiling without joists.

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Spend whatever money you would on unnecessarily removing structural features, on psychiatric treatment and meds.

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They might not even be structural. Previous owner built the house I'm in now and there are """beams""" running across the ceiling which are actually just long, hollow, painted boxes

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they are tie-beams, earlier anon correct in countering outward force. fix to remove not economical. removal would conflict with original structural design, learn to appreciate.

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They look like boxing out, so there's probably steels underneath. You might be able to strip the plywood sheathing off (though who knows what they look like underneath, and it might breach regs), but you can't remove them without taking off and rebuilding the whole roof, which would be phenomenally expensive.

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You could install a ceiling underneath it and keep the above as a storage space or maybe a vide/mezzanine but I honestly wouldn't advise that

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It could be decorative but you would need to look and see if/how they're connected to the rafters. It's weird, but the plywood/OSB roof sheathing and wall top plates could span horizontally to the return walls to resist the outward force that others in this thread have mentioned. My garage has a rafter roof like this and I always thought it was a bit hokey, but it works.

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>I always thought it was a bit hokey, but it works.

Literally American construction in a single phrase

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First of all fuck you for even thinking about it.

And I hope not for your sake.

Build a second floor/something on top

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Stick a 2 inches wide blade on top of them so the rope just gets sliced whenever that very specific problem happens

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Collar ties dipshit.....remove them

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