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What would be the best way to fix the end of my driveway? Would I need to cut this section out, then reform it and pour new concrete. Or could I just lay concrete new concrete on top?

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laying more on top will just result in more cracking and very quickly. you would likely have to cut or crack the concrete until you get further up, cutting will obviously look nicer but would require a machine. then dig down so the point in which the concrete meets the asphalt is around 4 or 5 inches. you will need some compacted sub material underneath. alternatively you can just cut up to where it stops cracking and use asphalt... that would be cheapest.

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I’m just trying to do something to make the homeowners insurance company happy. They want it fixed within 2 months.

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Would putting down asphalt be doable for one person?

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Ok fuck them, get about 10 bags of asphalt patch and dump it down, then smash it flat with your car

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Couldn't you just use an angle grinder to cut a slot and then jack hammer towards it?

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An angle grinder? Doubt it. But in principle yes, you just need a tool like pic related. An Angle grinder is too small, you'd burn it out.

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use water hose on cutter , the dig out and pour concrete

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Wouldn’t it look like total shit then?

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Squirt a bunch of tubes of construction adhesive down there on that cracked driveway. Lay a couple big sheets of Masonite on it. Smear elmers glue all over the top of the Masonite, cover every inch! Dump sand all over it. Spray paint it battleship grey.

It will look awesome.

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just put ape tape down an floor paint

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the proper way to fix it permanently would be to cut it out, and form it up and pour it new .

you can cut it with a rental saw for 100 bucks, form it with lumber for 50 and bring in a truck of concrete for 100 a yard. you will need some trowels and floats and shit, but your looking at less than 500 bucks.

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when you do this make sure that none of your new concrete is less than 4 inches thick. I know you want it tapered into the ground so you dont have a 4 inch bump when you drive over it, so what you must do is dig down 4 inches so that when you pour your new concrete it is at least 4 inches thick,

also use rebar or at least welded mesh wire, its so cheap to add rebar and its makes your shit so much better, your looking at less than 50 bucks worth.

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You could probably pry out I’ll the broken chunks at the end of the driveway. Then fill the hole with the filler material of your choice

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Do you think it would be doable to pour back that much concrete if I rent a gas saw to cut the cracked section off in a straight line?

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yes it would be doable. But dont bother mixing your own concrete from bags, just have a concrete truck show up, it way cheaper and a lot less work. I know it can be intimidating, but its so worth it.

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Just use asphalt. You can go to the trouble of repouring, but if you live near snow it'll just get wrecked come winter when the salt hits it.

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that's bullshit what the fuck does that driveway surface have to do with insurance?

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This is "wear and tear", your landlord should fix it, not you

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I just bought the house

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I couldn’t understand it either, it’s been like that for at least 10 years. But they want it done with proof.

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Get some exercise and diet and pay a professional to fix your driveway lol

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I do exercise brolo

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What are they going to do if you don't, kick you out?

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i would call bullshit on that.
under what policy agreement rule do they have authority to demand this of you?
can't you tell them to fuck off and go get insurance with another company?

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your a big guy

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>What are they going to do if you don't, kick you out?
No but they will drop your coverage, and when you go to apply for new insurance coverage with a different company, they will definitely ask "have you ever been dropped as an insured for any reason" and you won't get shit from them either.
There is a section in every policy that basically gives them the right to inspect the exterior of the property, and based on that, require an interior inspection if required as often as they want. It also stipulates that they can demand modifications and or repairs and the timeframe in which they are done as a prerequisite for continued insurance coverage. Also it states that they can drop you anytime, for any reason or no reason at all. If you're lucky, in court they'll try to make things quick by using the "no reason at all' defense, and your lawyer should be able to present evidence of their demands and your inability to meet them because of hardship etc... and they'll settle, allowing you to extinguish the policy thereby being able to claim 'never been dropped' again, removing the taint from your record, and obtaining new coverage with a different insurer.
has a point though, the only 'free' option (other than your time), is to not fix the driveway, but obtain coverage elsewhere before you get dropped. If it were me, I'd spend the next month getting quotes on new coverage, and if they come in high, or you cant get it or w/e, then eat crow and spend the second month fixing the driveway. Also FYI, free asphalt millings mixed with kerosene as a tar 're-activator' make a great DIY pavement, especially when fresh for photo shoots like your proof required deal.

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since it looks like the issue is being caused by run off or drainage just break that area up and either rent a grader and re grade the area and fill with small rocks up to where you can save the crete. whatever you do, do it right or you'll be doing it again.

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oh fuck those assholes then. just take out all the chunks with a shovel and fill it with concrete. it will look just as shitty soon enough but at least you can please those assholes. you need to decide if you want it done right or cheaply and temporarily...

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op, this is related to home insurance, when i bought my house geico said i had 30 days to install a new roof as the "predicted lifespan was less than 10 years". i literally had just closed on the house and home inspector said house was totally ok. i just called up a different home insurance [travelers] and got a new policy no problem, no new roof required

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it already looks like total shit

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I had Travelers awhile back. I got a letter with my renewal stating I had to replace the gate to the back yard, replace a window and some siding, citing "serious damage" reported by some inspector that did a walkaround without my knowledge. Went to Farmers ins. instead, no problem. Cheaper, with better coverage too. I did replace the gate, it was kinda tatty. caulked and painted the window and siding. wala!

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remove broke concrete and replace, solved in 1 week... whats so difficult, $8-$12/SF USD. don't overthink this.

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Basically corporate profiteering forcing people to buy more things and pay for more upgrades to their property that they don't really need and could do perfectly well without.

i see no reason this has anything to do with "insurability" in a classical, traditional sense, or home safety & integrity whatsoever. its a fuckign driveway it could be dirt, gravel or grass it doesn't matter. should have nothing to do with insurability unless it was a bridge over a watercourse or something that actually had to do with something

more out of control govt and corporate powers over reaching into our lives to interfere with and control everything and force us to slave away and keep endlessly spending money

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Why not pavers?

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Good trolling. lol

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Not needed.

Remove all the pieces that are not attached to the large potion. Redo the foundation in that area with a form. Pour new concrete as needed. You don't need to make it look tidy with a straight edge if you don't want to.

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Repour the concrete, but try doing it like this: beneath the concrete you put a plastic film (those black canvas), and near the top face of the concrete you put a grid of rebar 4.2mm with 15cm of space between each bar. There probably are grids that you can buy and just put there.
Use small shims to make the rebar grid stay 1 inch beneath the top face of concrete.
In the border you should make a reinforcement too, like in the picture.
The yellow lines are the shape of the reinforcement bars of the border.

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for you

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