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Sup /diy/, I have access to a mostly decayed sperm whale carcass that washed up last fall/winter. The jaw bone was gone by the time it washed up, so no teeth.
I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a project I could make out of this. A friend of mine suggested a knife handle out of one of the bones, possibly a rib, so I might do that, but it feels like such a waste of a great opportunity.

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Handcarved dildos

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this. sell on etsy for easy money

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Here's a shot from the side to give some perspective. This thing used to fucking stink like ass but it doesn't smell much anymore. Its still gross as fuck.

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Nothing, it's probably illegal as fuck to touch any part of that corpse unless you live in a teepee and huff gasoline.

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Blow it up

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why is it furry, are you sure it's not a mastodon?

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Grab the bones, clean them and sell it to knifemakers, that shit makes good handles.

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Have sex with it lol ... Gross

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Make arrowheads out of the bone

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Sorry, Anon.
First post best post.

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how big is this sperm whale carcass that you could use a rib as a knife handle? Guess I don't know my dead whales, but I would think it pretty big for a handle.

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This, but also custom gun guys. Call it oceanic ivory or some shit. Rich /k/ boomers love inlays with stuff like this.

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yet another SCP post with rotting creature

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That's not a whale

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>how big is this sperm whale carcass that you could use a rib as a knife handle?
a sperm whale is pretty goddamn Moby Dick tier big m8
don't confuse sperm whale with the tiny fish sperm (though technically mammalian) that swim around in your teeny dick and would make your theoretical partner preggers if you were ever able to have sex
ask the pen fags if whale bone would make a good barrel
also hipster heroin needles for the junkie who has everything

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Can you lug it away into a shaded forest so it's isolated? If you cover it in leaves and dirt then it'll rot faster and you'll be able to use the bones earlier.

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Theres usually some legalities in regards to whale bits, teeth and bone in some parts of the world and exporting them gets even messier.
Traditionally whale bone was used in womens corsets but aside from that it usually needs to be stabilised with resin before using it in other things. Mostly for the fact its a biological material and it will sterilise it a little

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"Whalebone" is technically not bone, it's baleen. Since sperm whales are not filter feeders, OP's would not have any even if the jaw was present.

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You can always cut and rip it into proportional sections.

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Preserve it in resin

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Cum on it

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