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I'm trying to make my own desk because there are space restrictions and was wondering if you had any desk making ideas
I think I can make it like something of >pic related
Maybe not for the base because that would be too wobbly

I want to use the desk for 2 monitors and be a general gaming/work setup

any ideas/suggestions?

>be me
>also be broke as shit

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>3/4 inch plywood
>polycrylic on plywood
>hairpin legs
>28inch legs for main desk
>then other legs if you want stacks.

using a flat board desk also allows to use a monitor arm clamp very easily. That way the monitor is basically floating and you can put your keyboard, pens and paper where the monitor would normally be.

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Find new buil culdesac areas. Dodge broken glass and nails. Fuckloads of lumber free.

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What tools do you have access to? This will determine what you can do.

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was already looking at 3/4 plywood, love that polycrylic idea, but I'll have anough room for 2 monitors so I dont NEED the clamps
and I like the hairpin legs I think I will go with that
hand buzz saw, sawzall, and drills
not too worried about big table saws since home depot has that and thats where I'm getting the wood.

Good idea >>1665397 i might have to use that for later

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good idea>>1665512
is what i meant to say

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I actually made this one today. I found a free door on craigslist and just slapped some 2x4 legs on it. Im sure someone who knows what they are doing would make it better, but I think the general idea of just making a table is fine. If you have space restrictions, you can just cut it in half. You could also try picking up a free desk from craigslist (there are tons of free desk listings) and rip the top piece off to be your desk.

The total money i spent on my whole project was ~$30 for ply, screws, and a handsaw, but if you have tools you could probably rig up something for nearly nothing if you recycle well.

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Mount it all to a big pipe or 2 attatched to wall, use cross fitting to have arms for monitors, put hanger/holder for your keyboard/mouse/headphones/paper/pens/etc below that, and add small fold down desktop with hinged legs or brackets.
It'll stick out less than a foot from the wall when everythings stored and desktop is folded up and latched in place.
That's getting close to small as possible.
Next best would be rolling/collapsing computer cart/desk with monitors able to fold down with a tabletop on their bag, or fold/swing down so they are each on the sides of the cart and it would just be like a large night stand on wheels when you aren't using it.

If you just want to regain the space when you aren't using it, but don't want to go all out, just make compact frame you secure to wall and have motor/hand crank to raise it up on tracks/shaft/rails above and out of the way when you aren't using it.

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old appliances plus snips/drill/sheet metal screws and even easier

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I made a desk with plumbing pipe like in your picture and wouldn’t recommend it unless you can get it for free/cheap. It was more expensive than I thought it would be and isn’t the best thing to work with for tables. (Looks nice though, pic related is the one I made. Found the table top in a dumpster outside a restaurant that was remodeling)

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A 2x4 board of melamine coated MDF is about $10. Get iron on melamine edge banding tape for a couple more bucks if you want to be fancy. Put the board on two three drawer file cabinets. You can find these free or very cheap on craigslist. Search for office liquidation sales. Brick and mortar stores are going out of business since people are shopping online more and more. $50 for two in good shape. $60 dollar desk.

>putting the cables through the handle hole
Yes! Why didn't you center the monitor though?

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right next to that door failed

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You can also buy monitor arms that use a grommet hole to mount more permanently and securely to the desk. Might be preferable.

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