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i have 3 sets of encyclopedias on my bookshelves. what can i repurpose them as? i was thinking secret compartment books since they are thick. maybe make book shelves from them. hold them dor when shtf and i can become lord of 1960's knowledge? other ideas?

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This is the first time I hear of someone thinking of "repurposing" a book. What about repurposing them as fucking books?

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Encyclopedias are pretty fucking worthless with the sum of human knowledge at everyone's fingertips

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yoo is that the fuckin jew merchant meme that i see in your picture?

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Sell them then, retard.

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To people who dont know about the internet?

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...how do you intend to build a shelf from encyclopedias? Honest question.

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rent free

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Tons of people collect encyclopedias

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Make a chest rig and turn each copy into a disposable armor plate. Thick books can stop a pistol round...sometimes.

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Lol there was that dumb fuck from MN who had his gf shoot him with .50 AE

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We have a lot of idiots up here. Few years ago a fella stuck a very large mortar style firework to a hard hat and lit it, killed him. Hope for his sake it was just the concussion that did him in and burns from the explosion.

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"donate" them to the "library" if you know what I mean

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Name one

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coat the pages in resin, binding the whole book together into a solid brick and cut them into bookends (or hammers or something, whatever)

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alright, IDK why I even have my trip enabled, but that's changing now

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fuck your image
i can only focus if its zoomed in
might be because my screen is too small

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>Your image is too small
>Posts an even smaller image

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