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I bought into the skilled trades meme and becoming blackpilled as fuck, mostly getting tired of working under disorganized foremen who keep fucking up, b...but the boss can't get rid of him, we're already understaffed! Rather deal with a straight up asshole who'll at least keep the trains running on time, worst of all is being the Jannie who has to always fix hack jobs, etc. Are union job sites at least ran more efficiently? Or is it just more of the same retardation one can expect a day in a life in the skilled trades?

t.nigger (electrician)

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union is even worse because it's basically impossible to fire any of those morons

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Pretty much this

Union jobs are run by guys that have their time in and are just coasting to retirement. Non union jobs that superintendent can get bounced back to just another guy on the jobsite if he fucks up enough for the boss to care.

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Just think anon. You only have like 60 more years of this.

I vote peaceful pill. We all just blowjob a shotgun

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My personal experience with Union work:

I'm next in line to run my family plumbing business
A developer is building 2 apartment building next to each other. The union said they could only get one building done in the amount of time they allotted so they hired us to do the second building at the same time

We got there the first day to run the sewer about the same time the union guys did. We have the same number of guys etc

But the union truck drops off 2 guys with no tools and leaves

They forgot the fucking shovels

So these guys fuck around for 2+ hours doing nothing waiting for the truck to come back

We were finishing up as they finally got started around 10:30 (short sewer run)

So running the water lines and drains was hit and miss cuz shitty cold weather and we got done the same time

But the buildings we're ready for toilets and sinks within a day of each other. The union one was ready a day ahead so they started ahead of us

We got there second day (our first day) and one of the guys said they had gotten about a full days work done that first day

I was a little surprised but whatever.

We got all the toilets and sinks set and hooked up in 2 days and they still had another day (at least) left to finish

I have never in my life seen so many people fucking off on a job site those afternoons we were setting toilets

I wanted to be a union plumber but now I see how shit they all are

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Good goy, work harder for less money

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Union shops are great.

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So it's okay to act like Tyrone and Jamal, as long as you're in a union?

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Beats being gouged by student loans, all in all there's leniency, there's time to explore other avenue while having a union job, is it really that much of a meme? Electrician/HVAC get a decent starting wage, most get to choose their own hours. I'll admit I kind of regret not even going to comm college, for at least some kind of experience in something.

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how much of your check goes to campaign contributions for the Democrat party?

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I'm working, sure is.

Who cares? The pay is great.

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IBEW district 7 here, our shop pinkslipped a guy for not keeping up with production and his brother works for the national. Pretty sad to see the jewish anti-union lies being regurgitated ITT.

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Trades and manual labor suck. I tried it for a few weeks and said fuck that then went to law school. So fucking terrible doing work everyday. Much better as a hobby.

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>So fucking terrible doing work everyday.
Spoken like a true lawyer

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As of right now, in Local 11, even the worst journeymen who do no work have retained their jobs because there's such a shortage of labor. My company has resorted to massively organizing non-union bodies instead of calling the hall. They've already requested the hall for bodies, but there's not enough guys willing to take the call.

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IBEW is different from other trades and stereotypes. I was anti-union until I joined. Then I realized non quality workers were the ones laid off, and the quality ones become some sort of "shoppie". Long term employed employee with one company/contractor.

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Is the entrance exam into the IBEW easy? Or am I gonna have to brush up on my algebra from college?

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get your experience, get your license fly solo. if that doesnt work get depressed over the years to the point your about to kill yourself and then file for disability and take of your aging parents.

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*take care of your aging parents

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why don't you become the new foreman op
tell your boss if you bring on x amount of people who know what they are doing can you get a foreman position that way you can fix hack jobs & train people to do shit right

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Unions are built around retarded.

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Yeah it's a bad reddit meme only there because of a lack of blue collated worker bees

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>. Are union job sites at least ran more efficiently?


that was a good one, OP. efficient union work. My sides will never recover.

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Sure are a lotta jews ITT

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>why don't you become the new foreman op
>tell your boss if you bring on x amount of people who know what they are doing can you get a foreman position that way you can fix hack jobs & train people to do shit right

I'm an autist, thats why. But they still go to me when something is completely fucked or if it's tedious work nobody else wants to do.

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