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How do I get my living room lit like this?

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install cabinets in living room. place RGB LEDs on top of living room cabinets.

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Sorry I meant to say kitchen - my cabinets are set up exactly like his. Can I buy these "RGB LED'S" off of amazon?

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Op must be a chick. I want a seductive pic

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try searching for it

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Lights and no sense of personal style.

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just dont. Also buy it all of the same vendor on amazon.

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WS2812s are individually addressable LEDs which you can make a lot of different colors and patterns. If you want to just do one solid color get 5050's and a cheap controller. They're dirt cheap on Amazon or ebay.

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Get some of those "full spectrum led lamps". Then once your eyes bleed out you won't need to bother with lighting anymore.

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>Wanting your living room to look like a gay nightclub

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You'll just give yourself eye strain.

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What the fuck are you doing.

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Im always a bit worried about sounding dumb on this board but fuck OP youre really setting the bar low

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U gay? Post boipucci

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kek my thoughts exactly

neighbors will see the red lights and think it's a whorehouse, nigs walking by will probably knock on your door politely too

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