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I have been getting tired of the florescent lights in my room/studio, and want to put in some cool lighting for the room. I was thinking of just hanging rope lights around the top edges of the room, but I thought that might look cheap, and I am not sure how to hang them up.

Anyone have good suggestions to light up a room and make it look good with LED's?

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Here is the room I am wanting to work on. The ceiling is really low, and the walls are dark, so it can have a nice cozy feel, but definitely needs new lighting.

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To make ambient or accent lighting look good, especially LEDs, they should be hidden from direct sight.

If you want something that can be directly seen without looking cheap check out side emitting fiber optic.

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Also, from a compositional perspective, harsh overhead lighting produces the worse lighting for shadows.

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what about something like this?

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That's it. Keep in mind that it will fade after so many feet (you should test it to see what is the acceptable drop off to you). It's not super bright, but it does do nice accent lighting.

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