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I didn't really know where to ask this, but I figured here's the best place.

So, I need opinions. Would you say using Christmas lights to decorate my bedroom like in pic related, or across my ceiling is a girly idea? Can this be done in a masculine way? I have my bedroom set up in a way that kind of gives off a rustic, outdoor, foresty lounge place vibe. I have more masculine furniture and I kinda like the light idea, but I noticed all the pictures on Google are chick's rooms.

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By the way, the pic is not my room. I don't have any slanted walls like that.

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It's pretty fruity OP, but you do you.

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Who caress about masculinity? If you want to do it, then do it and fuck everybody else.

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It's a bit poofy. I'd use bigger ones, like little paper lanterns instead of those standard ones though.

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are you a girl in a dorm room? If you answered no, then do not put christmas lights on your ceiling.

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Manly way to do ambient lighting is indirect lighting out of sight.

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Get some scrap plywood, make a city skyline, cut random Windows in the buildingscape, paint it flat black, hot glue strand of lights to the back, hang on wall leaving at least an inch gap behind.

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get hanging lamp cord/kit
get a shade if it doesn't have one
find foresty shapes online
print them out to make stencils
use stencils and spray paint the shade
enjoy foresty light

or just get a shop light

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and don't do this

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I did it above my bar, but it looks cheap and studenty rather than girly/masculine

This. LED strips are pretty ballin

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Have fun replacing them every couple months.

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LED strips used for anything other than stage effects and tawdry bars is ghetto as hell.

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Go for the upside down wooden bucket ceiling lamp. That'd fit in and not scream "I'm a 16 year old girl"

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tacking up a string of christmas lights is pretty masculine. arranging it like your pic is not really. it's too much effort on decorating. there you go. also chicks like christmas lights for ambient light so as long as you don't try too hard they will be into it.

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