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Thinking about doing full rgb led strip lighting for an apartment next year, what would the cost be? Single bedroom, maybe 600 square feet

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Mostly because i wanted to save a little on energy, plus I want to make interesting lighting . From what i was researching, I estimated total costs to be around 300 dollars, but thats a rough estimate.

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The costs would be highly dependent on the strips you use. You can get cheap ones for a couple bucks, but quality LED will be a lot more expensive.

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WS2812b are addressable and at ~$40/5 meter strip they're pretty affordable. You'll need at least a 10 amp power supply per 5M strip, and if you want to control it you'll need an Arduino ($5 knockoff) and at least an IR remote.

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Share what you've done ws2812b thread?

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Would I need one arudino per, or if i had say 20 meters of that strip could i hook them all up to the same one? Also, how much light do they put out? was thinking of making hexagon arrays to hang on the ceiling/wall

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1 Arduino for as long as you daisy chain it. However, the signal will get weak after a certain length so you need to boost the signal.

Undiffused they can put out quite a bit of light.

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