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I plan on customizing an Ikea Linnmon desktop by first routing out a small section of the back (~1/4" thick, the desktop is 3" thick) for an LED lighting strip. My question is if there's a smart DIY trick for cable managing m my components along this same edge, or whether the LED heat will be bad for cables. Also if there's a better way that attaching some bulky wire thing underneath, or drilling hooks into the back

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>Ikea Linnmon
>routing out a small section
Those things are literally made out of cardboard

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On my desk I put a thick "bar" below the surface, it's 2x square stainless steel stock from left to right with a sheet in between(200mm high). Eats up all lateral loads and I have 10 plugs and all cables hidden behind em.

Would not recommend routing in ikea "wood", the surface stuff is really important for their strength.

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Lighting autist here. The heat put out by LEDs are pretty much negligible.

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Forgot to add proof of autism. I mean, besides posting on 4chan.

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>ricing your kitchen

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The most difficult part of cable management is trying to find out what you should do with all the excess wire. Ideally you would position everything exactly the way you want it, cut off any excess, and put new heads, jacks, etc. on at the correct lengths. If you're not willing to go that route, you can buy some wire covers but you might have to get wide ones so you can loop the wire back and forward a few times to use up the excess wire. Though this can be a bit challenging, don't let that distract you from the fact that in 1998 The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table.

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what about a cable management purse?

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Just rice my country up senpai.

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only in the us, in the EU cardboard stuff is very rare (like those weird cardboard honeycomb doors you have). i think its a fire safety thing. i have a linmon too and it's basically low density fibreboard with a thin plywood painted veneer. i live in germany.

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Learn to "drip-loop"/"drip-stop" neatly.
Gives some additional fudged factor, but can still look professional once tied off or laced.

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Some chucklefuck sk8ers in the UK used one of those as ramps, it broke on the second jump and was cardboard inside

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