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I'm thinking about setting up 95 feet of addressable WS2801 300LED strips (yes, really) controlled by a programmable mircocontroller for muh effects.

What's the best way to go about powering them? Is connecting them all end-to-end and having one power source a good idea, or should each 5 meter strip be powered separately?

If I've calculated correctly, I should safely be able to use a 400w 12v power supply, but I'd like a double check.
I am hoping someone can shed light on setting this up safely so I don't fuck myself. Any other tips are appreciated; I'm gobbling up tutorials but advice is always nice.

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You can get do 5V or 12V led, but if you do 12V you will have to use a mosfet to interface with the lights.

I don't know about WS2801, but with WS2812B you can add power where ever and it doesn't matter. If yours are the same I would suggest adding power in between strips. Also, you may have to boost your signal after so many strips. I have never daisy chained more than one 5m strip so I don't know what the limit is. Good luck OP!

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You need to power each 5m seperately. I have a 3m low quality chink strip that has one end slightly diferent color due to resiistance in the strips pcb traces.

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That's just how diodes work...

But seriously apply power in between each strip for best results.

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Thanks guys. I don't know shit about electricity so diving into this is a lot of research.

Would you happen to know best practices for setting up the microcontroller (likely an arduino)? I'm reading about protecting it and shit, and having trouble finding guidance on using it with more than one 5m strip.

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This is a pretty good guide that has good standard practices. Basically, put decoupling capacitor across your power/ground terminal to absorb an over voltage. Put a resistor going from the digital pin on the Arduino to the LED strip. Try to make this connection the shortest. You can power these strips from anywhere on the strip. You may need to boost the signal depending on how many you daisy chain together.

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Thanks breh
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