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I got these RGB led strips with remotes.

There's only 16 preset colors available. But technically it should be possible to make them change color via slider/knob?

I also have these Ikea Dioder RGB strips that lets me do just that.
Maybe I could use those (wired) remotes to work for my wireless remotes?

I can provide photos of the gear if needed.

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The strips are probably individually addressable LEDs. That being the case depending upon the controler (microcontroller) you can make an infinite number of patterns. I really doubt your remotes are going to be compatible. You could always do it yourself like I did.

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If there's only preset colors and no animations, why would you assume it's individually addressable? It's almost definitely just parallel R, G, and B with a common ground.

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To clarify, when I say no animations, what I mean is nothing like "chase" or "rainbow" or any of the other hallmark built-in animations of an individually addressable system. The remote shown only has animations that affect the entire strip.

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That is true. I guess OP would have to find out what type of LED it is, but that really isn't going to be an option. Best bet would be to just get some WS2812B's, and Arduino with an IR receiver, and a T.V. remote. That's what I did.

5 meters of the stuff is $34.50 with free shipping.

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The cheap RGB led strip for the controller in OP's pic aren't individually addressable they're hooked up in sequence/parallel and can be dimmed with PWM.


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There are animations for the wireless remote. But I kinda just want to have the option to change color via the slider as I have 3x of these strips set up vertically.

This just became complex for my novice electrician mind.

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If that's all you need, then you just need to dim all the Rs, all the Gs, and all the Bs with 3 mosfets or something. Somebody else here will better know the type of transistor you need, but there's also like a billion instructables on using Dioder lights with arduino projects.

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YUP. I have some on its way via aliexpress for an ambilight build and an animated infinity table. Stuff is just so pleasant to look at, especially if you pair it with an MSGEQ7 for audio spectrum animation.

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