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What's the coolest most badass project you would use these three together for?
I need ideas. :D

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A weather station with the Arduino UNO, control water in garden with raspberry and domotic with the Geniuno

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Use the mega to handle IO, the pi for heavy lifting processing wise, and the uno as a co-processor that acts as an interface between the mega and the pi.

For example: the mega controls 100 leds in a shopping cart and also detects button presses, it streams any button presses to the uno which can handle minor processes or hand that info to the pi. The pi is running a script that turns camera input into colors for the leds and hands that info to the uno, which can pre-process that stream before handing it off to the mega, which then takes the stream and lights the leds accordingly.

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nice! :O

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So I could build up some sick lightshow thingy?

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Yeah. The project costs might go up pretty fast, and you need to learn how to program modularly, because programming each individual led will be a pain.

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damn... I was looking for something under 200 usd

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self guiding IFF missile.

pi for guidance, mega for avionics, uno for IFF beacon.

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Depending on how resourceful you are, and how much shit you already have, you might be able to do it on $200.

While a cool idea, it's fucking stupid.
If you think the restrictions on multicopters are bad, then making a guided missile is really gonna fuck up everyone's hobbies.

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>If you think the restrictions on multicopters are bad, then making a guided missile is really gonna fuck up everyone's hobbies.

not if we can classify missiles as rifles and get the NRA on it.

besides, 4th of july is coming up. what's the big difference between a guided and unguided missile?

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>what's the big difference between a guided and unguided missile?

You could reasonably call a unguided missile a model rocket, which is perfectly fine, though over a certain size you do have to declare your launch in advance.

Guided missiles are incredibly illegal and are one of the main reasons that civilian GPS signals are gimped. If you make one the government will crack down on your ass and probably declare you a terrorist.

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>probably declare you a terrorist

Just strap a picture of a crucifix and an American flag on it. Problem solved.

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>declare you a terrorist

Time to join a well regulated militia so it's all legal

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It's not that hard.

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>$30 AC adapter
>$20 Arduino (authentic, you can save money here)
>$40 lights
>$1 IR remote

There you go <$100 for a light show.

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I never said hard, just that depending on how many lights you want it might get pricey, and it doesn't sound like OP knows how to program well, so he's gonna have to learn how to code

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I know how to handle Arduino, Raspberry on the other hand... Anyway, these projects seem cool, what else you got?

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I guess that's true. If you're a novice programmer it may be a bit difficult. I wouldn't call it overly expensive because theoretically you can drive an infinite number of lights with a single micro controller if you have sufficient power.

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The micro isn't the expensive part.
It's the combined cost of hundreds of lights, with the required power supplies, and multiplexers if needed.

If you only want to drive under 100 leds then it won't be to bad, but as you add more lights the costs can add up.

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A strip of 300 individually addressable LEDs cost ~$40 on Ebay. A 5V 20 Amp power supply is about $30.

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Huh. They've gotten cheaper since I last looked.

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If you can get flash player to run on those chips and did a 'wardrive'... you could plant a wi-fi bandwidth leeching bot somewhere stealthy that's set up to automatically use a paid-to-watch-ads website, scripted to automatically cash out.

Gone if password gets changed, but interesting concept

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Retro arcade? The ones I have seen online look cool.

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A paper weight. Think of your own ideas. And despite what some if these mongs say, there's other things to do with microcontrollers besides control LEDs.

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Like a 3-axis sex bot?

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I just mentioned LEDs because that's the simplest project I could think of that could use so many I/O pins.

Why would I design anything more complex for another person with no idea of what he wants to do?

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I'm working on a home made dive computer. The LEDs were part learning a little about electronics and part having fun. I have many other projects in mind.

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but what are you gonna use the other 2-axis for?

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