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Saw this in another thread. Do any of you have some more stuff like this. Looking for inspiration on my room renovation.

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Aren't you looking for a battle station thread on /g/ ?

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Goodluck hiding your jizz-rag in a blacklit room like that

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Here to help.

My current room. Gonna diss the blacklights when I finish building my bedroom in the downstairs basement.

Still gonna keep the grey walls though.

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I don't do black lights, but I do LEDs.

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I'm moving from blacklights to led's. Too much effort just to make some posters barely glow.

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I had seen that picture and I got interested too. But I was thinking.. isn't all that blue going to kill sleep?

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I suppose the advantage of lighting up your entire room with ultraviolet is that you can finally clean off all of your cum stains from the carpet.

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What are some good LED's that I can mount?

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Individually addressable, can be cut, and easy to hook up. If you know how to program you can make your own patterns and other fun functions. Otherwise you will need a separate controller.

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