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I have a 5050 RGB LED strip behind the projector screen of my home theater. It came with an IR remote. I want to change the stock controller that came with it and replace it with an RF controller.

This LED strip I purchased.

A typicla RF controller that I want to use to replace the stock IR controller that came with my LED strip

Here is my question. The RGB LED strip I purchased is rated at "3*2A" (6 amp /3 channel). All of the RF controllers that I can find are all "3*4A" (12 amp / 3 channel). The RF controllers are nearly twice the amps of the RGB strip I purchased, but the power supply that came with my 5050 RGB LED is only 5 amps. If I plug a 4 amp per channel (12 amps / 3 channels) controller into an RGB LED strip that is 2 amps per channel (6 amps / 3 channels), will I blow out the lights in my LED strip or will the RF controller break?

>/stupid question

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The controller's amperage rating is the maximum amount of current you can run through it. As long as the led strip is less than that you're fine. Don't worry. You could actually run two strings off that controller before hitting the wall.

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Pretty much what this guy said is correct.

You could always make your own with a micro controller and custom code though.

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does your phone have an IR blaster? i have a strip with the same remote as the one you linked which I control with my phone (LG G3) using an app called "smartremote"

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Doesn't matter what the remote does, the controller is the one that determines the colors. He has to get both in order for it to work with the new controller. I don't know why OP wants RF over IR, but whatever.

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ah, right. i was misinterpreting controller as "remote control" -- i figured he'd broken his or something.

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