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VoilĂ .

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obvious basic factors begin with what kinds of things you might want to use, how much time/money you want to put into it, your desire to design and fabricate (or have someone fabricate) a pc board, your desire to program, your current level of soldering skill and equipment, ...
it is worth noting that total microcontroller tooling entry cost in real dollars has decreased by 5-6 orders of magnitude over the past 40 years, and it's almost inexcusable not to have a USBasp around. there's no shame in burning someone else's hexfile for their desk/wall clock project to a chip and more or less building their schematic. it's how the hobby was practiced 50 years ago, except we have a few common microcontrollers now instead of application-specific or hand-built, narrowly-configurable NMOS ICs, and compilers are free

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Saw this posted recently. Some of these will definitely be too hard for you, but some of them could be just what you're looking for.

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It's complex, but on the scale of "teenage wastes of time", arduino projects fall only slightly ahead of attention-sapping mobile games. Basically, you're not giving yourself a good start as far as the "worthwhile scale" goes.

On that note, here's some /ohm/ projects to remind you that this thread will always just be their containment thread for arduino fags.

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Anything driving a display of some kind without dedicated chips. I'll be doing that in one of my projects with 3 74HC595 latching shift registers to feed 3 7-seg digits plus 3 LEDs for a soldering iron thermometer. The only slightly challenging thing about this is programming the decimal-to-7seg (I'll probably just have a couple of lists and do it by index) and getting the timing right. If you want more in depth, try something that takes data from online, or something that uploads data like a weather station. IOT devices/automation server stuff can also be a fun project, not that IOT devices are particularly useful. Extracting usable data from sensor inputs (correcting for inverse or exponential relationships) could also be a useful learning experience. Also pic related, and whatever you see on adafruit/make if you're into that.

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forgot the pic

also roll

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Does anyone have a safe for school version of this?

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you could try your luck at the Ohm bingo!

Or IDK, make a 7 segment display clock, or counter or something like that.
DIY ESR meter?

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hey /ohm/ im an EE student just now taking my first circuits class. thinking of doing some of these in the summer - which of them can be done relatively cheaply, at my level, and would look okay on a resume

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Nvm i have it


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Well.. a power supply is a good project, but you already have one..

Here's a list of projects, rolling in the thread is naturally discouraged.

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project ideas?

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Posting challenges again.
Sorry for the typos, I still haven't fixed it yet.

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