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i want to build multiple shelfs in my closet, any help ideas on how to start?

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one of this

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Howdy /diy/, /k/ommando here. Was wondering if you guys had a preference as to a whetstone for sharpening blades? I usually have my grandfather do up all of my blades, but he's getting on in years and I don't want to bother him with it, so I was looking into doing it myself. Specifically looking to sharpen smaller pocket knives. Any help would be much appreciated.

Will dump some random survival shit in the meantime.

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same person,. an alternative burner.

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hmm, I only have two more that are semi related the rest of the lot are irrelevant /k/ommando stuff

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Hey. I have a broken, potato-tier cell phone.
Are there enough precious metals inside to justify the time it would take to tear it apart?
Donating diy inforgraphic.

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Is this what you look for, my brother?

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Watch Les Stroud's "Off the grid". Its essentially what you're doing in a similar environment. There's a lot of hippy stuff like green energy, renewable resources, and even an outhouse, but its plausible for living off the grid and being self reliant.


Huge investment upfront but after that you could farm the land in the summer and live off of $5000 a year for food and diesel for backup power.

Basically run solar and wind if its windy in Maine, have multiple sources for water for farming and irrigation, build a structure that's durable and energy efficient. Then learn to farm and preserve your farmed foods. Make sure you have enough wood for fire in the winter and cooking in a wood stove in the summer.

Hi Sam. Don't bring any 16 year old girlfriends, they don't live off the grid very well.

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nice trips, also you inspire me.

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hobbo stove

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