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let me know if you guys want more.

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You're welcome.

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you're welcome.

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keep posting i'll add what i have

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never built one but I did save the pic . . .

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RE: legality
The laws actually vary by state.

A decent still isn't terribly hard to make, there are several resources online.
Skills involved: pipe bending, copper cutting, silver soldering, pressure testing
Thats for the still itself
Actual distilling can require a but of finesse as it requires close temperature monitoring and a bit of knowhow (the first and last bits of alcohol to come out of the still are undrinkable).
Im no pro, but like I said, there are many resources out there.

The keyword to search is "Distilling" or "Still"

You can even find resources on youtube, that's how "illegal" it is

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OP, I've had the very same idea, but after extensive research I've calculated that buying it from the store is still going to be cheaper unless you do the mash in bulk quantities.
Here's something that might help you.

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Are there any infographics or webpages with a parts list for a home made reflux still?
anyone got any recipes for homebrewed whisky or bourbon?

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Yes, it would work. It's a packed bed,


It is a common distilling apparatus. You can use it with air cooling (with heat sink fins)) or water cooling.

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Only if you're a lazy incompetent cunt.

Pic related; it's everything you need to get started.

I've been stilling for years and I'm no genius. All you need is a moderate amount of alcoholism and a workspace and you'll be good to go. It's as safe as you want to make it - if you're capable of using a propane bbq you're capable of running a still.

That said, I can't be fucked with an exhaustive writeup when >>111162 has already posted the most important resource on the topic available on the web. When you've got a few batches under your belt you can download Rikus book about still design and start hanging around at the http://www.distilling.com/ forums to get a picture of how the little big guys do it.

Good luck! Don't listen to idiots and enjoy your drink.

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still considering make this one, but don't want a bomb sitting in my kitchen

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Easy way to distil pictured.

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Hey /diy/ I am on my schools newspaper, and I decided it would be great to make a diy column, and so i did my first story on winterizing your lawn mower, an obvious given for pre-winter preparedness.

I turn it in today, and the editor in queef, and the teacher (the teacher previously thought that winterizing lawnmower was a good idea for this publishing) decided to shoot down the idea because supposedly, no one my age needs to know/ cares about how to do it.

So long story short, what is a good diy for your average (urban) teen. Ideas with or without steps would be greatly appreciated, I am drawing a blank on what to write about.

Damn I miss Tennessee, so much more... real world-ish kids there, wouldn't have even needed to make a diy column there. Pic kinda related, what you might think of when I said tennessee kids were more real world-ish.

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For a bunch of self-professed diyers, you guys seem to be be mostly retarded about making some booze.

Making vodka is piss-easy. Basically, it's neutral spirits, so you can use anything, and the majority of commercial vodka is made from grain, not potatoes. However, if you're going to follow the laborious potato route don't forget to strain the mash pretty well - the barley you used for your starch conversion is going to burn the fuck out of your boiler.

And get some activated carbon. Your first few times you're bound to fuck it up and let some nasty tails or harsh heads into the mix; just filter and enjoy.


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