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Are there any home builders or contractors here that can recommend an extensive home building book? I was thinking about a book on excavation and foundations, masonry, framing, doors and windows, roofing, plumbing, wiring, finish carpentry, kitchens and baths, and HVAC.

There are many home building books, but none actually go into detail about various subjects like electrical wiring, foundations, and proper flooring installations.

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>Complains about the environment
>have probably never put in the effort to positively affect the environment in their entire life
>probably doesn't maintain a lawn with organic fertilizer while also planting trees and native for the
Zoomers when will they learn?

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>lawn thread
The season is upon us.

Would be it better to topdress and seed with triple mix or "lawn soil" with added fertilizer stuff? Both being the same price per yard.

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