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Image didn't post fuck me.

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Here you go OP. The pic is a bit old so you'll have to do a bit of research. Maybe deep cycle batteries or some junk. Also Mercedes sprinter is supposed to be an excellent vehicle choice.

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Got damn that thing is small for a van. That's going to be really cramped, even for van dwelling. You can still make it work, you just need to prioritize what you ABSOLUTLY need. Also you will need to use every square inch you can. Think lots and lots of wall storage.

Yup. A collapsible camping chair would be a better option. Takes up less space when not in use, wont roll around all over the place while driving, and it can be taken outside easier whenever you're at camp sites or parks.

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surprise to me than this wasnt posted yet

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Brother in arms!
My plan is to use a standard box truck and then build it up keeping the outside as unchanged as I can.
A real life Millennium Falcon (which is the star wars equivalence of a box truck...heavily modified boxtruck)
More space in a medium sized moving truck than a tiny house.
I want a mobile fortress that has a hanger bay with smaller vehicle (runabout) so something with a lift gate a rolling back door. The deck clearance alone is a major security and safety feature.
Reenforcing the roof into functional deck space doubles available space and lets you hang out 13+ feet in the air (hard to prowl a yard like that).
Imagine pic related with and extra 200 sq/ft of usable space.

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Here's some ideas to get you started.
From a previous small house thread >>746221.

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I like the idea of compact efficient lifestyle habitats.
Making a house small is a fort.
I think converting used delivery trucks into personalized millennium falcon like RVs is the future for successful NEETs.
At least that's my dream.

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Well since you asked nicely, I may have more van stuff.

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Just thought this belonged here...

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Prolly got it, but maybe others want?

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this i guess

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This was made by a /diy/er.

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for you cheap cowboys out there.

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Got this approx. 1 million years ago. Enjoy.

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Posting this again here as I swapped out the AC unit used in the previous image. The MES 600 wouldn't work due to needing water to be pumped and using some kind of radiator and pump would have been more of a hassle compared to the DC 8500.

Anyway for those who aren't acquainted with this project:
Stealth Van
>10 kWh battery bank
>800w Solar Array
>EV Charger (J1772 ready) (50 cents per kWh)
>160A Alternator
>Wall outlet via inverter

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