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thanks a lot for the reply.
I changed the circuit to one of push and pull to be the gate drivers for the mosfet. Also removed the 7805 such that the circuit is driven straight with a 12V DC
pic related, I just replaced the single BC547 with the npn pnp BJTs
Now my question is this:
I realised with the capacitors used in parallel with the inductor(coil) is 2 0.1uF caps, but I'm using the 0.01uF caps instead.
the 0.1uF capacitors burn up for some reason but not the 0.01uF ones, why is that so?
the 0.1uF caps will keep the mosfet cool, but burns up
the 0.01uF will work, but mosfet will overheat
is there any rationale in using 2 capacitors instead of just one? Why did the 0.1uF caps burn up?

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