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Hello /diy/. I don't really browse this board but i'm assuming I could get some help here. Does pic related actually work? Are there any ways it can be improved?

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Home brewing info thread? Also how well does pic related work?

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Can anyone recommend some good home brew recipes? And how to make home brew in general. I'm very interested in how to make moonshine as my great grandfather sold moonshine for his sole means of income. Kind of cool, I guess.
>pic related

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well, i have this pic... didn't tried it myself though

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i dont recommend making cider this way, but that's just me.

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OP delivers.

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About 5 days ago I did almost exactly what is in this pic. Instead I used 3 gallons of actual cider and a half gallon of pure apple juice mixed together, about 9 cups of sugar, and some baking yeast. Now I have read things about not using baking yeast, I don't wanna hear about that. I'm just confused as to what to do now. I've been letting it sit in my garage and there is a boozy (almost like cheap champagne with a very slight sulfuric smell) coming out of the jug. The directions obviously say to let it sit for 2 months, but now I've been doing some research and some let it ferment for only like 5 days. I just want something drinkable and tasty that'll get me drunk for the autumn season.

TLDR: We talk about hard cider and easy ways to make it, solely for getting drunk.

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not sure if id reccomend this one boys

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or this

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Has anyone confirmed this?
What's it going to look like when it's done?
Should it be stored cold during fermentation?

I followed the instructions to the letter.

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you are probs thiking of this?

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In regards to this image, does anyone know how much (i.e. how many grams or what have you) yeast you need?
My local supermarkets don't sell anything like in the image, I have just dry yeast I'm going to substitute in.

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sry, dont know if there already is a brewing thread but i m in a hurry... do u use fresh yeast or dry yeast to make alkohol, which do u prefer and why?
thanks in advance

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So does this really work ???

Also brewing thread

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Moonshiner thread

Post recipes and tips for homebrewing

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Yet another brewing topic? Of course!

To start: Will a condom work as an airlock?

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I've use this, but according to another thread, this is not very safe.
Apparently napkins don't keep out bacteria properly.
As far as I can tell, a simple balloon with some pinholes in it placed over the spout of your container is enough to prevent other unwanted bacteria from joining your yeast.

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So would I be wrong to follow this?
I did as it said and put two napkins or w/e on top of the opening, and used elastic bands to keep it on.
Also, is conditioning necessary? I let mine sit for two weeks and then just drank it. It seemed alright to me.

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