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Ok anons. I'm sure this has been posted before but I'm gonna ask it anyway. I live in a small neighborhood. Its gated with about 15 houses. Its mostly olds and a few college aged kids. All these fuckers got dogs - big dogs, little dogs, yappy dogs, etc.

All fucking kinds. I have a small patch of grass between my driveway and a concrete pad (for extra parking) in front of my house. It's about 4x10ft. And goddammit these fuckers seem to be shitting exclusively in that patch. It's clearly different dogs doing it too. It usually happens when I'm gone to work or out of town when the owners know they can get away with it (small community).

I've been removing the poop and placing it neatly in the road so it's very clear that I am noticing and am wanting all the other neighbors to notice too - so it cant be ignored. I'm getting a camera set up but in the meantime what can I do to:

a) take some stealthy non-lethal revenge
b) deter these fucking dogs from even coming near my house let alone the grass

Inb4 hurrdurr shotgun

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