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Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I'm looking for adding color lighting to my apartment, and I have no idea what kind of equipment to use.
I've been looking for a while but there's always at least one thing missing, the only viable solution is to go through companies to that install it for you, and that's way too expensive.

Here's exactly what I'm looking to do and what my constraints are:

> I want to add an alternative lighting system in my apartment that can be switched to any color
Can take any form, I'd be fine with strips, lamps, but I'd rather not have wires go everywhere and I can *not* drill/nail into any wall. At all.

> Two rooms would be fitted, my bedroom and the bathroom
I expect this constraint would force me to at least one buy one product which is waterproof, the inside of the bathroom gets *VERY* steamy, as a matter of fact 2 of the 4 ceilings led lamps (installed by owner) died in a matter of weeks, but the whole apartment is generally quite humid.

> I'd want to change the color of the strips/bars/whatever independently (at least from one room to another, being able to have led-wise color change or gradients/the like would definitely be a plus)

> Being able to control both rooms with an android application or a webapp would be great, but it would require bluetooth/wifi so if a set of remote is significantly cheaper, I'd be okay with it.

Can I get a decent lighting (able to mostly supplement existing lighting) for a decent price? I'd rather not spend significantly more than ~100£ in total (depending on the features).

Anybody went through a similar project with similar constraints, I'd take any advice or word of caution! :)

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