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refer to pic related
don't go with a hangman's noose, that's fucking retarded unless you've done the correct preparations for a long drop hanging.

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A good way to check out a channel you havent seen is to look their name up and sort by most views. Or check their page for a channel trailer.
If you think his work is bad wait until you discover Wranglestar.
Is this what LinusTechTips would look like old?!

Deboss Garage is pretty good.

Same with zip ties and bias plies

Strange garage
Peter stripol
william osman and the hacksmith aswell
Michael Reeves' channel exploded in the last year.

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Who here is pretty confident with knots?

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So I want to do something. I want to set up a touch screen interface with a large music library, and it has to conveniently fit into a car and be accessible while driving.

I essentially need a tablet that is compatable with a storage method that can hold at least 1tb, but as far as I can tell no android/windows/apple product is capable of this type of accessing an external HD.

Any ideas?

pic unrelated

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Bumping for interest

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ok so I just went through ALL my infographics (have around 100) and honestly, I'm now done for ones I think you'll actually find useful. Most of them are themed to survival.

Also, you're away of /out/ right?
I never really go to out, well I do, ofc, but not the board. But that's their thing, I think.

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I lend as much help as I'm capable of on this board and have done more than my fair share of fighting on /q/ when it was around for some more solid observation.
solid observation, not random bans.

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Yea I just fit as much as possible into it BUT I do try to keep out really unnecessary things or substitute 2 items for a dual purpose when I can.

BTW How to Stay Alive in the Woods http://www.amazon.com/How-Stay-Alive-Woods-Self-Preservation/dp/1579122213/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie

is the book I have in my bag, I've read several 500+ page manuals and its my favorite so far. Cool cover too semi water proof (I still keep it in a ziploc tho.)

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Shit i just want to make a badass helmet really, one that covers my entire head though

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Always handy.

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I do have to admit this isn't the best life hacks thread...

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is there anyway to get instructables site pdf downloads other than going pro? pic kinda unrelated

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