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I got a blockage in my soil pipe from throwing down a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have for shits and giggles. Now I gotta unblock this fucker because I haven't had a working toilet for nearly 3 years and pissing in a bucket and pouring it in the garden is tiresome and starting to smell. The poop isn't really a problem cause I can just shit into a bag and put it into the council dog poo bins.

Anyway how do I cut a hole into this 1930s cast iron soil pipe like pic related? I need a hole big enough to put some drain rods through and push the blockage out. I know the blockage is somewhere near the bottom where the pipe bends and enters the sewer. I've tried blasting it from the bottom with the garden hose but it ain't shifting.

Before you ask I already tried removing the toilet and rodding from there but it didn't work. I also tried pouring one shot acid drain cleaner down but even after three bottles nothing happened. Obviously I will wear gloves and goggles when drilling the hole since a backlog of years old piss and hydrochloric acid will come spurting out.

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