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/k/ here. /diy/ has a no weapons rule so I'll just clarify a bit. The thing in that picture wouldn't work because there is no firing pin, but it is based on a viable design from TM 31-210 US Army improvised munitions manual. For it to work you drill a hole in the plug at the back and stick a nail into it (with the pointy bit clipped off). You place a round into the "chamber" and screw the plug back in. Pulling the trigger causes the "hammer" to shoot forward and smack the nail, setting the round off.

If sufficiently held on, the barrel should stay in place. I would recommend sticking to .22 caliber er if you were going to make one though. However the manual I mentioned claims that .38 and .45 caliber versions were tested successfully.

Picture not related.

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hello /diy/, a Canadian here. I'm building a hunting shack for birds this autumn.I'm living in a small city that has a pretty harsh winter. I need some ideas for items that i can salvage nearby to make the shack a bit more comfortable. The only things i could think of so far are using some fallen fences to build or grocery carts for chairs.

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foxhole bump

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that will be all for tonight,
you're welcome, OP

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an* my bad

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I ALWAYS carry several sets of socks on me when hiking/hunting. On hunting trips I usually try to plan on using 4 pairs a day. On a bug-out I would find it quite handy to be able to hang drying washed socks on my pack and have a fresh pair, as well as a backup pair. Trench foot sucks for sure.

I've tried to limit myself to food and goods as far as bartering, not really sure if SHTF how well gold will do - I remember a thread on /x/ someone shared a testimony of someone who had lived through a collapse and gold was useless. That's easily imaginable; if a guy hasn't eaten in three days he'll sell his soul to me for the hot dog sitting next to my $1400 gold bar.

The binoculars is something I'd like to purchase if I have the means, but it's lower priority than the other things I've listed because like you said I've got the scope to fall back on and when I do get a pair I'd like to invest in a really nice set.

In no way is my list complete, I had seen far better lists before I decided to start the initial process of prepping and I haven't been doing nearly as much as I feel I should. I've been trying to get a thread going every once in awhile both on /x/ and /k/ to compare lists and bounce ideas, but neither are very welcoming which kind of surprises me. I'll start to do the same here, I'm rather new to the board (only been frequenting about a week or two). It's a nice change in pace from the others. As boring as it can be you'd have to really try to lose a decent thread lol.

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Hi fellow /diy/nosaures,
I am looking for a cheap chip(SoC) which allow to make wifi router/acces point.
i found lots of stuff (realteck, HDwireless and others) but I can't acces to any datasheet/user manual.
I need wifi (no bluetooth or zigbee or any non standard protocol), the design will be small (one or two inch diameter, but the power consumption is not a problem
By the way, I'm an electronic engineer (really it's my job, i am pay to design circuits) , I'll answer your question as well as as i can

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Seems more like /ck/ for me. Supposing OP mean quick invents explined in one pic, I've some.

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"How to make a Foxhole Radio"

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