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this anon gets it

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I didnt take the picture. A fellow electrician sent it to me. It sure is a mess though, isn't it?

Check out this one.

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this is how you earth something, right?

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The portable electrical ground.

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Hello there.
>How is it possible to power these machines?
Right wiring, reliability of transmission lines.
>Do they have a power plant on site to feed these furnaces?
Usually no, they just connect to local transmission line, in our country it would be 110kV and 330kV lines.
Then they sign a contract that makes these kind of plants 1st category users (home users like you are 3rd category). 1st category user gets two power sources (depends on demand, can be more), that means two transformers in substation near plant. Both transformers are connected to different transmission lines. In case of failure in transmission line, circuit breakers disconnects one line and connects another one. (this operation can be done in 34 milliseconds or so, otherwise electr. distributor pays to user).
Some plants that make "chemicals" have their own gas driven generators just in case grid goes down. You don't want to your ruin your batch.
Transmission lines can carry megawatts or gigawatts depends on size of the conductor and voltage.
For example China: UHV 800kV transmision line carries 8 GW
When a plant like this turns on it's furnace, a distributor will know about it, cause this little furnace can distort a grid frequency (50 Hz here). Distributor will act accordingly to power demand and will turn on Pumped Storage Plant (2 minutes to start) or other reserve. If there is no reserve anymore, distributor will cut off 3rd category users for some time, just to keep 50 Hz.
>How can the local power utility divert resources to the furnace on demand like this?
Oh, I probably answered this already.
>What do the power cables to a steel factory look like?
Simple Cu cables. In furnaces like these the key to process is frequency, can be 50Hz, can be 1kHz and thousands more (Physics...)
<<pic for shits and giggles

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old joke is old

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I'm not the guy with the fork on the fridge controls. It was pointing out the image of the fork/fridge system has been around for a very long time, I doubt the guy's claims are legitimate. Although I do understand that this could be done for aesthetics, others have pointed out the issue.

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