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Bump with something simple i saw

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I'd say try it with 3-3.5lbs/gal next time, so 1360-1590g

The last time I made it with those proportions I ended up with something that could be described as a warming dessert wine following a recipe based off this one.

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Any home brewers out here? I'm about finished with my first batch of mead, and I'm prepping to bottle it. I purchased a wing-style bottle capper, but it doesn't work for shit. I did some more research, and it looks like a bench capper is the way to go.

Only problem is that the only bench cappers I can find get reviews about it breaking after only a few uses. Do any of you guys have a capper that you trust?

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Hey /diy/ I've seen a couple threads on home brewers, and I recently just finished my first batch of American Light classic with my Mr. Beer kit and it actually turned out great, and I have the itch for more.

I want to move up to a larger batch size and try experimenting with different recipes. I hear the hobby is pretty expensive but I really like the idea of producing my own alcohol.

Side bar, I would also like to start a batch of mead and since that stuff take a couple months to be good I would like to know any tips and info on that as well.

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here ya go buddy, have some love.

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Yeast feeds off the sugar in this recipe, right?

So if I were so inclined, could I just put the yeast and sugar in water and get the same result minus the shitty taste? Like just kinda have a pure alcohol taste?

Also I'm not actually using this one, so don't take the comment on taste personally or anything. I'm just using apple juice, but the infographic I have on it is getting a duplicate file entry.

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This one? I tried makin a batch a couple months back. Been about 2 months since i last tried it (at about 1 month - 1.5 months after starting the batch).
It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't that nice either.
Cinnamon comes out very strong, and you can taste that its pretty strong. At a guess i'd say about 16-20%.
If mister mead up above could drop in a recipe for the peach recipe i'd love to try it.

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Sorry for the typo. Dumping continued...

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I used a regular gallon jug of cheap spring water as my fermentation vessel, and I used 4lbs of honey instead of 3 because I wanted to have that sweetness I'd always imagined mead to have(I know it's wine, but damn it I want it sweet!). I added two full cinnamon sticks, copious amounts of nutmeg and allspice, about thirty raisins, and a lime(I had an orange but inside was some nasty black growth so I tossed it.). I was EXTREMELY careful about sterilization and cleaned my work area thoroughly. Since I hadn't thought to order anything online, I used Hodgson Mills Whole Wheat Yeast.

After preparation I took off about two or three cups of spring water from the gallon and added my ingredients. I used a regular balloon with holes in it for an airlock(I also secured it with duct tape).

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has anyone tried anything like picrelated?

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i go to homebrew talk forums start out with joes ancient orange mead good place to start for a recipe

pic is an instruction

you can reuse corks you just need to sanitize them

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/diy/ i just started a gallon of mead. i don't expect anything amazing from my first try, but i had some questions for round two.

-if i make a larger batch do i need more yeast? (eg. 1gal to 5gal)
-if i add more yeast to the same sized batch, will it ferment faster?
-what abv am i looking at with turbo bread yeast?
-is there a yeast i can buy at giant or safeway that will yield higher abv?
-what kind of stores could i find empty glass wine bottles?

might think of more, but any help is appreciated.

also general questions/answers on home-brewing

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im only uploading these pics because they are what got me interested in brewing last month. After doin some research though, i decided to step it up a bit.

I bought a real airlock and legit yeast online and used brown sugar for my cider... still pretty cheap but hopefully it turns out better.

Since then ive been doing more research into it and am getting into this as more of a hobby.. i have more yeast packets so I will probably be brewing 5 or so more gallons of differnet flavored meads.

ill try and upload pics of my setup later if this thread is still going

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Make your own booze.
Pic related.
Only one I have is make your own Mead.

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So iv been brewing this instructional for 3 weeks now and its gone see through (almost like some 1 just pissed in it) and there are small floating chunks in it

Should this be happening? also whats the effects of drinking a bad batch of homebrew?

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Iv started to do this (pic related) but iv done it in a smaller bottle (1.5l)

Is the brewing time going to be shorter or about the same because the balloon has already gone limp

and befor you ask, yes, i put 1/4 of everything in not the full ammount

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I am just starting to make mead and I would guess that your juice would be similar. Basic recipe is one pack of yeast (standard bread yeast from grocery store), 1 gallon of water and 3 pounds of honey. so I would say 1 gallon of juice for one pack of yeast. Also for a cap he uses a balloon with a couple pin holes put in it before he bought actual bubblers. There is a website link at the bottom of the picture.

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It's hear bro.

Bonus how to make mead for you as well.

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Here you go mate, I thought it was ok.

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