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I bought some hardwood floor thats a lower grade. One of the main issues that stops me from using the floor board is there are splinters along the edge. The boards are finished with aluminum oxide finish. What can I do to fix the edges? I was thinking of lightly sanding them and applying a finish to them. Is there anything I can use that will stick to the existing finish?

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I'm trying to buy some hardwood floors to install and I'm trying to cut costs. I want to order 5" width 3/4" thick floor but that's a bit expensive for the type of wood I want.
1. I can buy some cabin grade that is about 1/2 price. I can buy about 1/2 the amount I need for cabin grade.
2. I can buy 3" wide 9/16" thick flooring for about 1/2 the cost as well.
3. Or of course I can buy a different wood species.

5" wide 3/4" thickness is about 7$/sq ft (is this even worth it? Should I just do some el cheapo oak?)

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