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No fucking way. $75 a sq/ft for a house? You can't even buy the material for 150k to build a 2000 sq.ft home. You're looking at a minimum of $175 Plus a sq/ft. Framing, Electric, HVAC, Plumbing, Foundation, Windows, Insulation, Siding/Brick, drywall/taping, grading/driveway, Kitchen cab, washrooms and the list goes on. A decent kitchen faucet costs $250-300 and that's just an ok one, nothing fancy. I didn't even get into the finish like tile, carpet, hardwood floors, doors, trim, etc and even the cost of paint. JC, paint costs $25 a gallon minimum.

I would budget at least 300k for a average 2000 sq/ft house and that's with you doing a shit ton of work.

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