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I used to pick trash of the curb in my county on heavy trash days. People would just throw their PC's, scrap metal, etc on the side of the road. Last thing I found was this creme colored PC tower pic related from year 2000. I sold it for about 70 bucks in eBay after wiping it down, blowing out the dust, and putting a fresh install of windows 98 on it. Also found the current computer monitor I use for free on the curb.

However, for the past 2 ish years, I have not seen ANY e-waste or scrap metal worth picking up. I dont know if its because early morning scrappers get to it first? I'm also pretty sure the county and surrounding counties do not allow curb dumping anymore because they have one big new centralized ewaste collection site or some shit so I can't get my hands on anything anymore.

Any advice for where to pick some trash/treasure? Legalities of dumpster diving in industrial parks, strip malls, etc? I see that Aussie youtuber e-waste Ben just rolls in scrap metal and e-waste, seems like every damn house throws stuff out.

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