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Ok, if I could get some help with this I would owe y'all big time.

I'm building the project here: http://www.grandideastudio.com/vacuum-tube-night-light/

Schematic is on the page. It is pretty simplistic, but if I've got everything connected correctly and using the correct parts, I'm stumped. Pic attached is what I cobbled up.

What happens is I plug it in and the magic smoke is released from the 100Ω resistor right after the fast acting fuse, which does not pop before the resistor does. Tube is an OA3, and definitely hooked up correctly as there is only one way for it to plug into the tube holder and it's really hard to mess up 2 and 5.

Is there something wrong with this schematic or is it something I've fucked up while making the point-to-point circuit?

I can provide clearer pics of the individual components if need be, but I think I have the right ones.

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