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so i got all these stupid lm358s because they were cheap.they are dual op amps i figured i would get 2 times as much use from them but they arent good at much it would seem. i could use some latches to store single bytes. i had a vision of a latch circuit that would use them like they were inverters in series. you get 2 per unit soo loop the output from the second to the first. then control the sr latch with the inverting pins of both. 1 to set. 1 to reset. in my mind its that simple but in reality it will be more annoying because the damn things bleed. so tying the non inverting to ground wont be enough. i dont want to fuss with my bread board right now . pretty sure i will just kill another one of these damn things if i just slap it together on bread board

does the following make sense or is falstad being a faggot? initially i was using a p channel where the pnp is to reset the byte but then decided to use both inverting pins. but oddly if i do that it seems to think i need a pnp there i dont understand why other than shaving off some current but resistors dont work in its place. the n channel is just there to allow it to be read

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