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all my computers
I have 3 more, one of which i am currently posting from right now.
lots of speakers, a full sound system, so much cat5 and cat6 cable and electrical cable, i found fucking at least 300 feet of it in one skip once when i was about 19, i am now 31 and i still use it and have not run out.

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imagine using a laptop and not rebuilding scavenged PC's from the junk yard or scrap collector.

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so fucking much, where do i begin?
a music box in the shape of a windmill
a really old glass and wood cabinet with gothic arch windows.
these computers. currently posting from one of them.
my main g-clamp which i used for about 5 years before it broke recently.
so many perfectly fine saws.
so much timber and pallets. (computer desk in photo also made from found timber and pallets, currently in use)
an old electric organ (got left at an ex-gf's parent's house unfortunately)
and more recently, four bottles of unopened & untouched corona.

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