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>Can someone double-check my comprehension of diodes real quick?
2/10, transformers and diodes are distinct devices. although poorly drawn, pic related may help you visualize what's going on in the early part of the basic transformer power supply, esp at the diode-capacitor junction
pretty close on the rest, except the regulator stuff which other anon covered. the unfortunate fact about zeners and other shunt-type regulators is that they operate by diverting the excess, like overflow holes in a basin or tub (if you need visual aids, try >>>/b/), so their main use anymore, after protecting sensitive circuit inputs against high voltages like ESD, is in providing a stable reference voltage to an amplifier which controls current to the load. then that whole assembly works a bit like a toilet tank filler's float valve, but with a less abrupt action

well, a metal straightedge is also a great help. I generally just cut out troughs to separate big lands

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