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the answers aren't going to get any better by re-asking the same question already asked at >>2038843 but even more vague. if anything they get worse and less relevant

hackaday project blogs, github pages, youtube

>induction coils
for heating? the resonant frequency, where power is transferred best, will change depending on whatever material is near the induction loop, so this design is inappropriate for that application. you need a self-resonant design. the Royer oscillator is simpler and proven in induction heating apps
>the IRF540 is not fully activated using the output from NE555
possible. 555s are specced to work at up to 16V, get that regulator out of there if your input supply is stable
>Also, what is the output voltage for the square wave produced by NE555?
high is about Vcc-1.2V, low is about 0.2V
have you tried simulating the circuit? MicroCap has a nice parts library and it's free now. it beats the hell out of guessing while
>trying out
not really having any idea what you're doing

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